The Devil's 8


Action / Crime / Drama

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Robert DoQui as Henry Reed
Larry Bishop as Tim Chandler
Cliff Osmond as Bubba
Ron Rifkin as Stewart Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by revtg1-3 8 / 10

Should be a "cult" movie

A low budget pot boiler made really enjoyable by a highly talented cast. First of all, Ray Faulkner (Christopher George) drafts, not recruits, six lifer convicts to help him destroy a moonshine gang and capture the leader (Ralph Meeker). He (Faulkner) is the seventh and he is joined by another federal agent later to make the eight. Meeker and George are underemployed in these roles and therefore it is easy for them to stand out. The plot is Faulkner will train these men in high speed "demolition derby" driving, hand to hand combat, use of explosives and firearms and then take them to Meeker's territory to disrupt his moonshine operation. Be forewarned, the special effects are really bad. Film editing is sub-standard. But all the character actors turn in solid, convincing roles, including Fabian Forte, who acts better than he ever sang, which is not a high compliment. A lot of well known actors tried to make moonshine movies, among them Richard Widmak and Gergory Peck. The difference is this movie never tries to be serious. Get a six pack, sit back and be entertained. It's lightweight but it never slows down. I watch it at least once a year and I still enjoy it.

Reviewed by revtg001 6 / 10

Moonshiners act tough. G-Man acts tougher. Usual result.

A moonshine movie is a moonshine movie. Everybody did one. Robert Mitchum. James Stewart. Richard Widmark. This one is a non-stop action piece of fluff. Really good light entertainment. Ralph Meeker is so relaxed in his role as the pin-up poster boy for moonshiners everywhere you can almost believe it. And Cliff Osmend, great actor and screen writer, plays his usual light comedy big dumb oaf. All the rest of the cast, except for Fabien, were unknown at the time.

Agent George answers his car phone (mark of a really important man back then) and his hot date is interrupted by an urgent call. He has to move now to break up a big moonshine syndicate. He recruits 8 guys doing hard time. Their reward, lots of time off. They set up a military style training camp, become commandos, infiltrate Meeker's gang and locate the down home whiskey world. Instead of a chase scene they invade with firebombs, hand grenades, sub-machine guns and much macho heroism. Many die. Truth, justice and the American way are made safe for the bonded whiskey warehouses. Fun to watch. A six-pack helps. Fun to watch a second time. Like an old western with many saloon me-lees.

Reviewed by buzzdaly 9 / 10

a grittier, low-end, backwoods version of the Dirty Dozen

the feds are after moonshiners, who are very well organized, and recruit some good 'ol boys to fight fire with fire...lots of action, fair amount of humor, and some killing's to give it a dose of reality, keep this flick rolling along most satisfactorily.

terrific cast, especially a sarcastic, mean spirited Ralph Meeker...likable Ross Hagen....charismatic Tom Nardini and very appealing Leslie Parrish....

believe it or not, this film has a wonderful soundtrack, including a very catchy theme, several songs that relate to the ongoing action and one that is sort of a spin off of thunder road, but is much better...i had the album on an LP (33rpm) and really enjoyed listening to it.

This film seems to have disappeared...i haven't seen it anywhere in many years....

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