The Devil's Child

2021 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 4.2 10 38

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 7 / 10

if this is made...

By a novise in the craftmanship called filmaking , then this is a wonderful clash of many different generics, but most of all its a holocene horror flick and a psychological thriller, that goes wild in the house in the woods and squanders into some syntax errors here and there, but sentimentalism is all blown away, the triggerpoints of adrenaline rush are like a hipster on times square, the musical score is a great part of the script and vice versa, the filmography dilligent and vaudevillish like, and the use of light and dark are on the artistical high plains.

Though the story aint large on word, its complexity of the spiritual level is monstrous, we are talking about the devil and the devils daughter here after all, and the casting crew has found some fresh brunette for the lead role, a brunette that the grumpy old man wants to see more from, her voluptousness is just staggering and 10 wild horses couldnt have held him back if 50 years younger. The worst part of all , she knows how to act...

it seems to me that the production crew is basicly colombian, though all spoken words are in the english language, and no typical south american aka latinos were present in the castline, weird if you ask me. But all in all its a dreamy horror fairytail that you will enjoy while watching, what comes afterwards, do tingle your analytical fantasy. Cause its a film without a clear answer, but all the questions are brilliantly made and presented. So go for it, its a visually well made film, and therefore a recommend.

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