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Reviewed by jserwach 10 / 10

The Divine Plan: The greatest miracle of the past 100 years

Everyone thinks they know St. John Paul the Great and Ronald Reagan but few know the story of The Divine Plan: Both men were shot and miraculously spared from death just six weeks apart in the spring of 1981. Both became convinced God spared them for a reason and the two worked together to defeat the Evil Empire. Reagan and the pope formed an unprecedented alliance and miraculously, the Soviet Union was erased and the Iron Curtain fell. If you love either Reagan or JPII, read this book. If you love them both, read this book right now and order copies for your children.

Reviewed by noemi-7 10 / 10


During crisis is easy to forget the presence of God. The documentary is really well done and reminded me to be hopeful and grateful of these men who change the world for the best. A must see in these troubled times.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 8 / 10

"They were working in the realm of the human spirit."

The story line for this documentary here on IMDb states that it 'remains the least-known story of the twentieth unlikely pair who combine deep faith with political acumen and high-octane star power'. However if you lived through and were aware of political and historical events of the 1980's, you could not have missed the positioning of President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II on the world stage. So that bit of hyperbole isn't very well stated. What the documentary does put into perspective is the fact that both men were the victims of assassination attempts within six weeks of each other in 1981, and both survived with a confidence in a divine power to pull them through with a recognition that together, they could bring about the fall of Communism and quite possibly, the Soviet Union. Both were oddly qualified for their roles having originally been actors, while realizing that they could play a prominent role in defining humanity's quest for freedom and dignity within their respective spheres of influence. The documentary also takes a look at other prominent leaders of the era that supported this mission, notably Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of England, Lech Walesa of the Polish Solidarity movement, and quite unexpectedly, Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union. It's a fascinating look at a time in human events that forces and situations converged to reshape the world, while recognizing that the struggle for freedom and dignity for all is a constant one.

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