The Dog Who Saved Christmas



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 821

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Charlie Stewart as Ben Bannister
Gary Valentine as George Bannister
Joey Diaz as Stewey McMann
Elisa Donovan as Belinda Bannister
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by inkblot11 7 / 10

Wooferific! Families will love this tail of a dog and his new family at Xmas

The Bannisters, George (Gary Valentine) and Belinda (Elisa Donovan) and their two kids have just moved into a new home! Its very large and beautiful so Belinda gets worried about burglars, especially when she sees a notice that a house nearby was robbed. This lady wants a home-security system but George suggests they get a fine watch dog. Wow, do the children love to hear this, but Belinda is skeptical. On his own, George goes to the pound and adopts Zeus (voiced by Mario Lopez) who was once a police dog and who is much like the dog George has as a child. Belinda is not happy he went behind her back! Not only this, Zeus doesn't bark so how can he be a good protector of the house? Yet, George and the kids just love this pooch. Also, they work on a gingerbread house to take to Grandmas, the one thing she really wants. Wouldn't you know, Zeus gets jumpy at the wrong moment and destroys the house? Therefore, Belinda says the dog will have to stay home from the trip to G-ma's and will be returned to the pound when they get back! Poor Zeus. Yet, two bumbling burglars (Dean Cain and Joey Diaz) are prowling the neighborhood and like the Bannisters house, with Zeus "home alone". Can Zeus redeem himself? This funny, wooferific film will delight families with its darling dog, affable actors, and crazy antics! Anyone would love to receive it in their stocking hung with care!

Reviewed by atinder 4 / 10

Not funny as I thought it would have been,

Basically this is Home Alone again but with Dog, this family want Guard dogs for Christmas and As husband goes to get this dogs, The dogs he see reminds of he own pet when it was a kid, however Suze Can not bark.

The most of the movie was really about when WILL Suze will be barking, they even trick Suze to see if he barks with a Fake Robber.

Then after movie get really predicable (I normal sad or teary when I find sad scenes in dogs movie) This movie did even not make feel bad for kids at all, I didn't feel that was were really connected to the dogs at.

There were some funny moment in the movie, I laugh at some scenes in this movie But I thought it would have been much more funny then it was.

The acting was really mixed from most the cast, I forgot her name in this movie, The Morgan her name in Sarbina the Teenage witch show , seem really bored in this movie, it like see didn't really wanted in this movie at all, all are lines felt like she forced then out.

The acting was pretty poor as even for Kids movie, I know kids won't notice but adults won't like it.

4 out of 10 (I Hope the sequel are better lol)

Reviewed by MartianOctocretr5 4 / 10

Home Alone goes to the dogs

Since this movie makes absolutely no effort in concealing it's a knock off of Home Alone, I guess you can let it get away with it. The only difference is, an ex K9 cop named Zeus takes the place of Kevin.

Done on a low budget, and clearly aimed at dog lovers. It's upbeat and silly, and uses slapstick comedy in every scene. Some of the humor is middle school level and below: dog drinking from a toilet, a guy who passes gas a lot, and one character that's a poor man's annoying version of Fred Flintstone. The one scene that echoes the booby traps of Home Alone is fleeting; there's only so much a pup can do, after all. The baddies here are as dumb as the burglars from H. A.

Acting isn't bad, considering how the characters are written. Mario Lopez's voice-over work for Zeus is OK, although the low budget only allows Zeus to be staring at somebody as we hear his thoughts. Oh, Zeus never barks, and the reason is predictable. But it doesn't matter that everything is obvious; this is just some playful silliness for its own sake. Fun enough for a viewing, if you're going to be home (alone or not).

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