The Droving


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 548

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mmason-15867 2 / 10

An honest review

Here's the truth. There's not much to this movie at all. I was sucked in by the high rating and overly positive reviews that must have submitted by cast and film crew. I won't give a technical analysis like an ameteur movie critic, just my sincere opinion.

The Droving was annoying from the jump due to not being able to hear the opening dialogue over the ambient sounds. At times it was so difficult to hear what was being said, I had to turn on the caption. I knew after that The Droving was starting with a negative balance and really good things had to happen moving forward to win me over.

Film is beautiful with many nature scenes. It does not appear to be low budget from that standpoint. It also has a decent pace, so I didn't fall asleep (I was close on occasions). With those things being stated, cinematographer and pace could not save this film and rightfully so!

Where the Droving falls apart, is with the story, in my humble opinion. The premise is interesting but the story is not well developed. The main character is almost as much as a mystery as the movie's story itself. The climax is very anticlimactic and evolves rapidly to an abrupt ending that left me scratching my head.

Finally, there are worse movies out there than The Droving. It had potential to be a good watch, but missed the mark majorly with story and character development. Background sound made it difficult at times to hear dialogue and ending was a total letdown; making it a film that can be bypassed for most other movie options.

Reviewed by Sheltor1993 9 / 10

Dark and intense but I couldn't stop watching.

After watching the trailer I knew this film had a sinister tone in there and I wasn't disappointed. I loved the realism of the characters, it made it all the more believable as you are sucked into this world that became twisted from our own in a way. If anyone wants to watch a thrilling film that draws you into a dark and mystical story then this is for you.

Reviewed by txnicole333 8 / 10

Good sinister thriller

Set in a beautiful location with a creepy Wicker Man village vibe, the tension and sinister feel slowly builds in this great indie thriller. Also really liked the opening score, it sets the haunting tone of this film well.

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