The Dunwich Horror


Horror / Thriller

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Shirly Brener as Mrs. Bowers
Sarah Lieving as Professor Fay Morgan
Griff Furst as Professor Walter Rice
Jeffrey Combs as Wilbur
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mritchie 5 / 10

More mediocre Lovecraft

Someday, H.P. Lovecraft might get a big-budget adaptation, but until then, it's B-movies all the way and this is as "B" as you can get, and I actually admire it for not trying to be more than that. Unfortunately, except for some good effects late in the film, there's not much here worth recommending. The 1970 film of the same title was mostly just inspired by the Lovecraft story; this version sticks a bit more closely to the original tale about the awful Whateley family and their blasphemous breeding of human woman and the demonic monster Yog-Sothoth in an attempt at opening up a portal for the horrific Old Ones to return to Earth. Wilbur Whateley (Re-Animator's Jeffrey Combs) is a drooling backwoods idiot (supposedly a 10-year-old who has aged 40 years physically) looking for a missing page in the evil book The Necronomicon which will allow him to finish the rite of re-entry.

What's been added to this version is a romantic lead couple, played by Griff Furst and Sarah Lieving, who are helping a Miskatonic University professor (Dean Stockwell) find the missing page before Combs does. There's lots of Lovecraft name-dropping; in addition to Miskatonic University and the Necronomicon, we meet Alhazred the Mad Arab, the author of that evil book, and Olaus Wormius, a decadent Necronomicon scholar. The decent opening sequence is right out of The Exorcist, there are nice effects in the climactic scene involving Yog-Sothoth's appearance, and an effective brief shot of an ancient Lovecraftian landscape. Furst, who sometimes looks like Peter Sarsgaard or the early Mickey Rourke, is good, but the rest of the cast is mediocre, including Stockwell (who played Wilbur in the 1970 film) who practically sleepwalks through his part. Very bad dialogue doesn't help anyone, and why they felt the need to transport Lovecraft's New England towns to the Bayou is beyond me--the change adds nothing interesting.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 4 / 10

The Dunwich Horror: Why can they never get Lovecraft right?

One thing that always bugs me is when a movie goes by multiple names. I know it's a petty thing but for me it makes no sense, it takes away from the movies credibility. This Dunwich Horror version goes by many names including Witches, Darkest Evil and Necronomicon.

It's a less than faithful adaptation of H.P Lovecrafts classic Dunwich Horror and though its hideously flawed it's still better than the 1970 original in my opinion.

It stars Dean "Quantum Leap" Stockwell (Who was in the original as Wilbur Whateley), the always excellent horror icon Jeffrey Combs and the highly underrated Sarah Lieving.

It doesn't really try to stay loyal to the original material and is instead more of a messy remix. The special effects are appalling, far worse than you'd imagine considering the caliber of the cast! The plot is hit and miss and the whole thing is spotty at best.

I still for the life of me cannot figure out why the vast amount of Lovecraft adaptations are so bad. This material is pure gold so why do so many writers balls it up?

This isn't the worst adaptation out there, but it'll certainly not going to appease fans of the book.

The Good:

Fantastic cast

The Bad:

Major differences from the original

Weak sfx

Constant fade to blacks are just annoying

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Jeffrey Combs would have played the book version of Whateley considerably better

Sarah Lieving seems to be naturally attracted to crappy roles

Reviewed by Ar_Pharazon_the_golden 4 / 10

The curse of Lovecraftian films

The film is as cheap and mediocre (leaning towards bad) as you can guess. Bad directing, bad effects (that's the least), a rather sloppy plot that doesn't really do any justice to the original material. The acting is better than I expected, but doesn't deserve praise either. The only real reason to watch the film is that there is such a shortage of Cthulhu Mythos based movies (and how few of them are actually good!) that a true fan will try anything.

The house-searching scene was the only one that showed a little bit of inspiration, albeit poorly executed. Other than that you get a pointless background (really far in the background) romance, a rather silly version of Olaus Vormius and a momentary presence of Abdul Alhazred who kind of steals the show.

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