The Elite


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Marcel Iures as Nayo
Carolyn Hennesy as Elaine
Wolf Larson as Griffin
Maxine Bahns as Lena
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wwattles 1 / 10

Elite? No, not really.

In what I can only describe as a "perfect storm" of bad acting, bad writing, bad producing, bad stunts, bad camera-work, and bad editing, this movie has gone beyond being a campy B-Movie. This is one that, when you think you've reached the bottom of the barrel but lift up the barrel and examine what's underneath, you find.

The plot is strictly formula driven - no originality. The actors are plasticly in their performances, and the special effects really do look like something a high-school kid might create in his garage.

In general, I found it to have a made-for-TV or a direct-to-video quality to it.

This is one that the Mystery Science Theater 3000 team would have a field-day suffering through.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 3 / 10

Not Among The Elite Of Action Movies

***** MILD SPOILERS ******

The title sequence of ELITE features some very obvious exposition ( Just like THE A TEAM ) telling the story of how an elite business cartel are killed in a terrorist attack and how the victims children are brought by a shadowy government department to be trained as an anti terrorist unit , an elite anti terrorist unit , an elite anti terrorist unit composed of spoiled brats . It should be pointed out that the title sequence is preceeded by an action sequence featuring a band of terrorists who detest American greed . I`ve also got to point out that having the terrorist attack take place before the title sequence somehow feels wrong . The title sequence should have been shown before the terrorist raid .

After the title sequence we`re shown what these spoiled rich kids are capable of , and boy are they capable of anything , they can defuse a nuclear missile , blow away hundreds - And I`m talking literally of hundreds - of bad guys without suffering a scratch and show us what lovely white teeth they have . I guess being part of an elite anti terrorist has its benefits since they all obviously have access to elite dental treatment - Is this why the movie is called ELITE ? The goes on and I found it very difficult to empathise with 20 something Americans with great hair and great teeth who can do absolutely anything in a tricky situation without suffering a scratch so I found myself siding with the anti capitilist villains which I suppose is something of a compliment to the screenwriter , all too often the motivation for the bad guys is too vague or too over the top unlike here where I could identify with the European villain who has a pathological hatred of globilization and free market economics . Only thing is I don`t believe the audience were actually meant to identify so clearly with the bad guy, it was only after being battered over the head as to how well educated and well off the heroes were that I found myself cheering for the baddies in a film that feels like it was cross bred with GOLDENEYE and BEVERLY HILLS 90210

Reviewed by kapecki 6 / 10

Good film of its genre

Higher than expected production values, an exuberant young cast, some occasionally witty banter, and non-stop action make this extended buddy film a lot more fun than one expects in the low-budget action genre. Yes, the plot is formula, but the characters are likeable and good-looking and the pace never lags.

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