The Eye

2002 [CN]

Drama / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 28475

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nycritic 8 / 10

A Corneal Transplant from the Twilight Zone.

This is not the first time that a movie where the main character gets corneal transplants which not only make her see, but give her paranormal capabilities has been done. A good reference is BLINK, where Madeleine Stowe was the receiver of the creepy transplants, suddenly able to see events from the past, and future. Here, the main character, Mun (Angelica Lee), a blind violinist, receives the transplants. Slowly, albeit a little too slowly, she becomes aware that aside from being able to see the world for the first time, she can also see the souls of the recently departed who also seem oddly attracted to her. That she eventually sees the owner of the eyes (a girl about her age) through her own reflection is an interesting, but not especially shocking twist, but her plight to Thailand to track down the mystery behind the girl and what she finds there does generate some needed tension.

With this film, the Pang brothers only add to the growing statement that Asian horror is on the rise. While this is probably not the most memorable of the lot, it does have its own style, which is deliberately slow, much like THE SIXTH SENSE. The way these ghosts appear to her echo that film in tone and dread, and there are no sudden shocks here. Angelica Lee, with a totally expressive face, conveys the horror, and then determination, of a girl caught under a remarkable circumstance without betraying her own character development. The only sequence which rings false -- or forced, as to bring some impact -- is where she runs through the streets knowing that disaster is about to strike in the form of a gasoline tank, banging at car windows. I feel that THE EYE didn't need this sequence to be a chiller -- it kept reminding me of the similar climactic sequence in THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES --, and is the one point that detracts from the films honesty.

Reviewed by Chris_Docker 8 / 10

One of the year's best horror movies, though the subtitles will sadly put many people off

Even the website of this movie gave me the creeps. And it turned out to be one of the scariest movies I've seen in a while.

We follow the touching story of a young Hong Kong girl, blind from her earliest years, who undergoes a cornea transplant. After softening us up with lots of nice sentiment, the horror kicks her new found sight brings its own macabre rewards. Snappy editing and a well-timed score heighten the horrors that pack nanchuka punches to the guts. About a third of the audience was cowering behind their hands for the last half. In an age when American horror flicks are starting to look weary from over-use of CGI special effects or are toned down by self-censorship to reach a wider audience, The Eye comes in as a deftly woven real cardiac-stimulation shocker.

Sadly, the fact that it is subtitled limits the potential audience as many people simply refuse to go and see foreign language films until they have been genuinely moved or terrified by one. If you like horror movies and want to experiment, this is a good chance, and one of the best in the genre since the little shown Audition earlier this year.

Reviewed by Gafke 10 / 10

Good and scary!!!

Of all the horror movie genres in existence, ghost stories have always been my personal favorites. The Haunting, Ju-On, The Innocents, Ringu, The Shining...all nice, moody, creepy ghost tales. The Eye now finds itself at the top of my list along with the aforementioned as one of the best and creepiest ghost stories of all time.

Mun, blind since the age of 2, receives the gift of a cornea transplant at the age of twenty. Her restored vision comes with a price, however. She can no longer play with the all blind symphony that she once found solace within, she cannot read or write, having had no reason to learn, and she has no words for visible objects, having always identified them by touch. She's also seeing things that nobody else can see...terrifying things. A little boy looking for his lost report card plagues her daily. An old woman wanders the hospital corridors, complaining of the cold. Shadowy forms come to escort the recently deceased away to parts unknown, and Mun's own bedroom flickers in the darkness, changing into another room that once belonged to another girl, in another country. Mun knows that the things she sees are not normal, but no one seems to believe her, not even, at first, the cute doctor who is trying to help her. Mun finds herself alone in a frightening world filled with things she never wanted to see. When Mun and the cute doctor finally learn the identity of the donor whose corneas Mun has received, they also learn of her frightening abilities, her sad death and a terrible tragedy which is destined to repeat itself.

The Eye is an original and innovative film and yet it is also a perfect mixture of plot points and elements drawn from such previous films as The Sixth Sense, The Mothman Prophecies and Blink, all of which are very good films in their own right. The Eye knows exactly how to scare you, and does so without a drop of blood or a hint of gore. A scene in a calligraphy class provides a truly frightening shock, while a scene in an elevator is an exercise in slow, building dread which grows more excruciating by the second. The performances are all wonderful, and the feelings of loss, alienation, fear and determination are genuine and powerful. Fans of the aforementioned films would do well to seek this one out, as would ghost enthusiasts and Asian Horror aficionados. It's rare these days that a film will actually make me jump, gasp and check the corners of my bedroom for boogeymen, but this one spooked me very well indeed - and I watched it in the middle of a bright, sunny day. The Eye tells a good story and tells it well, with strong characters and genuine scares. It is never dull or cheap or overly dramatic.

Highly HIGHLY recommended!!!

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