The Falls: Testament of Love


Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

"You broke that girl's heart"

The post mission world of Mormon kids Nick Ferucci and Benjamin Farmer is the subject of Testament Of Love. Unfortunately if you didn't see the first film The Falls you might have trouble picking things up. The first film concentrated on Ferucci and his family, in Testament Of Love it is Farmer and his family that are the focal point.

Ironic since it was Farmer who initiated things on their mission it was Ferucci who went back home and came out of the closet. He went on the promised three month road trip with Farmer from the first film and then when both returned communication ceased from Farmer's end.

Word that their friend Brian Allard whom they met on the mission has passed on. That reunites them. And Ferucci finds out that Farmer is now married to Hannah Barefoot. Farmer has never come out of the closet and now he's leading the typical Mormon lifestyle married to a nice Mormon girl who is expected to bear lots of Mormon kids.

When Ferucci who breaks up with a boy friend he has and incidentally breaks that young man's heart goes to Salt Lake City to find Farmer the inevitable happens. A story told many times over in thousands of homes, maybe told best in Brokeback Mountain where both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are married.

I have no doubt this is played out in many a Mormon household as well. Worse there since the Church of Latter Days Saints is the focal point of the community not just a place you go on Sunday to communicate with the Deity. Still the alternatives are either suicide or a life of repression. Too many choose those alternatives.

Hannah Barefoot's story is also a tale told many times. The woman who marries a closet case and then wonders what she did wrong. She gives the best performance in the film.

I hope Testament Of Love gets a few showings in Salt Lake City, but I doubt it. Still you never know.

Reviewed by Irishchatter 8 / 10

You would feel loved up again by the two men!

If you haven't seen the first movie, then you are very much missing out big time on what really had happened. So after 5 years of being found out they were both gay and loved each other, Chris decided to continue his missionary and RJ moved to Seattle. Then Chris got married to a beautiful Mormon girl named Emily and both had a baby daughter. Hannah Barefoot is just a really stunning talented actress. For RJ, he got himself a wonderful boyfriend whom he unfortunately dumped on because he still cant get over Chris. That was really emotional like, the guy couldn't stop loving RJ. There is more tear jerking by the way as you watch this film.

It was a very distressing and depressing moment that Emily and Chris admitted to their families that they were separating because of the fact, she found him kissing RJ at a hotel. I felt really sorry and angry for her but she should realise that his parents pushed him to marry a woman and not RJ. She should've at least been happy for him including his parents! I suppose, they hadn't dealt with a family member being gay before and its all new to them but at the same time, its not a extremely bad thing! This is such a powerful film and you will feel tears in your eyes after watching this!

Reviewed by mhubbard-54657 9 / 10

I love this story

The Falls' Mormon missionary characters captivated me, so I was very glad a second film had funding.

This is the story of RJ and Chris 5 years later. They went their separate ways, and unfortunately, Chris fell victim to Mormon gay reparative therapy. He is now married to a woman, Emily, and has a child. Benjamin Farmer does a great job portraying a man living a lie, with his facial expressions and body language. Although he lives in a mansion, and is superficially very successful, we can sense his anguish.

RJ is now living as an openly gay man, and has a long time companion, Paul. Although RJ is living more honestly, we can sense his anguish as well. Nick Ferrucci is excellent, very believable. RJ tries, but he can't completely forget his LDS upbringing. His partner Paul is a great guy, but at some level, RJ realizes that he doesn't love him the way he loves Chris.

An unexpected event brings Chris and RJ together. Chris initially rejects him, but RJ pushes the issue, wanting at least some closure for what happened on their mission. With RJ in town, Chris is suddenly impotent with his wife. Chris and RJ get together, talk over old times, and eventually make love. His wife catches them in the act, and Chris finally comes out to his very conservative family. There is a great deal of anger and tears, including for RJ, who trashes his hotel room in frustration.

There are some really great performances here. Hannah Barefoot does a fabulous job playing Emily, the scorned wife.

The plot has minor holes but most of the supporting cast is quite good, as well as the two leads, who have great chemistry. The pacing of the film is more like a soap opera or a documentary, but that is part of the charm.

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