The Family Plus One

1965 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6 10 187

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Charming and agreeable follow-up with usual ingredients : moralism , sentimentality and good feeling

Sentimental Spanish classy with solid narrative and skillfully edited , dealing with a sympathetic family formed by two understanding parents and their fifteen children . It deals with a fine rigger, working in full-time, called Carlos Alonso : Alberto Closas, his wife Mercedes : Amparo Soler Leal, and their fifteen children : Pedro Mari Sanchez, Maribel Martin , Jaime Blanch ,... Subsequently, there takes place various incidents , first romances and sad events : deaths of mummy and grandfather . The numerous children are of diverse ages living in Madrid , in which the life of the disproportionated family has undergone various happenings and distresses , as the birth a new baby , the sixteenth, coinciding the death of the mummy, (here Amparo Soler Leal turned down the role , as she is deceased by giving birth sixteen child) , who left behind an irreparable sadness , as well as the grandfather has also dead.. and depend exclusively on Carlos work as a moonlighting rigger , he is the sole breadwinner, which puts them in constant financial trouble . Through various events , we are told of everyday family life that has undergone several turns . They also have the generous support of Juan (José Luis López Vázquez) the godfather, baker by profession . This pastry godfather has been married to Elena Maria Tejeiro , and the boys have been growing quickly . Through numerous events we watch the enjoyable life of this attractive and lovely family , in spite of Carlos eventually makes discussion with relatives and arguments with his children . Along the way Carlos has relations with a beautiful Mexican woman (Rosanna Yanni) in La Coruña , Galicia , and with the good-looking secretary (Julia Gutierrez Caba) . At the end it takes place an agreeable surprise .

A well paced film , being its structure similar to Italian comedy sketches with different intermingled episodes . There are several stories all around , including first loving , dances , wedding , the eldest daughter who marries and has a baby , among others . While the rigger widower Carlos defends himself to Patricia : Soledad Miranda who ussually crashes with him and she then falls in love for his architect son who wins an international contest to build a church in Brasilia and other stories , as we are told of everyday family life . And especially the birth of little María , the sixteenth child, coincided with the death of the mother, who left behind her an irreparable pain as well as the grandfather has also died. Alberto Closas gives a nice acting as the hard-working moonlighting rigger who lives for his extense family and he even gets his first grandson . He follows really enamored his wife Mercedes who played by Amparo Soler Leal , but unfortunately , she passed away . Along with a lot of children performed by charming newcomers , and some of them to be continued a long career . Support cast is frankly fine , with plenty of all Spanish secondary actors as José Luis López Vázquez, Carlos Piñar ,Chonette Laurent , Jaime Blanch ,Margot Cottens , Rosanna Yanni , Elena María Tejeiro , Elisa Ramírez , Maribel Martin , José Franco , Tomás Picó , Erasmo Pascual , Jesus Guzmán , Manuel Arbo , Santiago Ontañón , Mircha Carven and , of course , brief interpretations as guest stars from Rafaela Aparicio as a demanding maid and José Sacristán as a bad student .

It contains a diverting screenplay from notorious writers as Rafael J. Salvia, Pedro Masó, Antonio Vich , and Vicente Coello . And atmospheric and evocative musical score by Adolfo Waitzman. As well as an evocative cinematography in black and white by Juan Mariné . Being shot on location in Torre de Hércules lighthouse, A Coruña, Galicia, and Madrid . The motion picture was professionally directed by Fernando Palacios, being well and solidly paced , though inferior to previous installment . This picture won prizes as National Syndicate of Spectacle, Spain 1965 , Winner Prize of the National Syndicate of Spectacle : Best Film , Best Screenplay : Pedro Masó , Rafael J. Salvia , Antonio Vich , Vicente Coello . Director Fernando Palacios was a good filmmaker who directed some decent comedies such as : ¨El dia de enamorados¨, ¨Juanito¨, ¨Tres de la Cruz Roja¨, ¨Vuelve San Valentin¨, ¨Marisol rumbo a Rio¨, ¨Operacion embajada¨, ¨Buscame esa chica¨, ¨La gran familia¨, ¨ La familia y uno más¨, and ¨Whisky y Vodka¨.

This ¨Pedro Maso's Great family trilogy¨ is formed by ¨La gran Familia¨ 1962 by Fernando Palacios with Alberto Closas , Amparo Soler Leal , José Isbert , María José Alfonso , Mercedes Alonso , Carlos Piñar , Chonette Laurent ,Jaime Blanch , Mircha Carven , all of them live with the likeable grandfather giving a generous support , the great José Isbert, and usual home appearance by Juan, the good godfather : José Luis López Vázquez , and in which takes place missing Chencho that causes a deep gap and an extreme searching for streets, Madrid Plaza Mayor, and broadcasting by radio and TV, too. Followed by ¨La familia y uno mas or The family plus one¨ 1965, the big hit of La Gran Familia causes this also successful sequel . And , subsequently , a lousy third installment, a nostalgic and really moralist follow-up : ¨La familia bien gracias¨ 1979 directed by the former producer , and screenwriter Pedro Masó , with script by prestigious Rafael Azcona , and full of flashbacks and stock-footage from former films . Here Masó carries out an attempt to turn over the deep morality of the first and second outings . Rating : 6/10 . Acceptable and passable .

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