The Fashioned in Saint-Tropez

1983 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 3.7 10 185

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whynot2 5 / 10

Perfect for the treadmill...

How can I not like this? I came across it in the process of retiring videotape technology. Talk about a time shift. I would estimate that I recorded this off late night French television, circa 1985, or about 22 years ago, and found it now, in the process of clearing out some videotape boxes. Wow.

What's not to like? The movie is in French, I'm unilingual Anglophone, but could follow the plot about as well as a Bugs Bunny/Road Runner cartoon. It's laughable, but then, so is the plot in a Bugs Bunny/Road Runner cartoon, and how many of those have we watched? I couldn't help smile...the earnest Disco soundtrack... the 80's big hair, which having lived through the 80's I have no problem with... the 80's fashions... those little gym shorts on the guys, the one piece rompers on the girls, disco dresses...sigh.

My 22 year old videotape copy wasn't too sharp, but Cote D'Azur scenery will always raise a movie a couple of points in my estimation. And that's the flora, fauna and geology. I found the players all to be charming, and, the girls to be perky, bright, fit and yes, beautifully unenhanced.

How can you not like a movie that ends with a group of 10 or so attractive young people bare chested and thigh deep in the deep blue Mediterranean? But remember, this review is written in the context of the purpose sought...try to stay loose on the treadmill while watching Shindler's List or Requiem for a Dream...

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