The Fast Lady




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Julie Christie as Claire Chingford
Bernard Cribbins as Man on Stretcher
James Robertson Justice as Charles Chingford
Leslie Phillips as Freddie Fox
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnminx 8 / 10

A grand slice of British Comedy!

I watched this film again recently after being taken to see it as a child many years ago. The plot is fairly basic as with many comedies of its time but the overall impression is of innocent charm. Car and Actor spotters will have plenty of scenes to keep them amused. The final car chase which is of Keystone Cops proportions offers a 'spot the star' sequence, topped by Fred Emney's two lines of 'Odd!' and 'Bloody odd!' The film also recalls the days when a 1920s Bentley could be bought for the price of a new Mini...unlike today. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the film again and was surprised by the amount of detail I remembered. Just one last point, I'm sure the suburban housing estate featured is the same one as was used in several Carry On films, notably Carry On Camping.

Reviewed by snowyellson 9 / 10

Great fun film of it's time, still is.

Love this film, mainly for the great classic cars seen throughout. I remember when i was a child there was a zoo local to me in Wellingborough and they had a juke box in the cafe which had the ability to show accompanying films to the music choice selected, this was in the early 60's one of the tunes was "the chase from The Fast Lady" and the film with it was the chase from the film. great fun for a ten year old boy to see at a shilling a time. I now have this on DVD and have been goof spotting. Early on in the film outside Kathleen Harrrisons house is a young lady sitting in a large white yank tank, when Leslie Phillips is seen leaving the house and talking to his landlady the car is missing, and then it reappears again moments later. Second goof i saw is with Julie Christies mini cooper, as she is seen driving up to Murdochs house the car has a lovely woodrim steering wheel, then when she gets into the car afterwards it has a standard plastic steering wheel. I'm still looking for more.... Snowy Ps it's a pleasure to report that the lovely Fast Lady Bentley is still registered and presumably still thunders along leafy English country roads and byeways frightening old ladys and irritating policemen.

Reviewed by johnners11 10 / 10

A real gem

As a child of about 8 I had a mania for cars. This was back in the late 70s, when there were still a lot of cars from the 50s and 60s on the roads. I remember this film came on the telly one afternoon and I was absolutely hooked, loads of great cars...and it was really funny too!

The film is a bit patchy (the daydream near the start is a bit overdone) but overall it's a real cracker of a film, you definitely come away from it with a big smile on your face. It's also a real 'spot the actor' film.

Personally I love seeing all the bygone street scenery (the black and white striped signposts, the North Thames Gas Board shop with all the old fridges in the window, etc) and the great old British cars. I now live in the States and seeing this film makes me pine for the Old Country a bit!

The film's now out on DVD, well worth another look.

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