The Fear



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Wes Craven as Dr. Arnold
Ann Turkel as Leslie
Stacy Edwards as Becky
Darin Heames as Troy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mvario 7 / 10

Something a little different

Okay, first off, stay away from the R1 DVD. It's cut/censored to the point where some scenes don't even make sense.

This movie started with an interesting premise and did a pretty good job with it. It's not a typical monster/slasher and has a little bit of a psychological lean to it. It's got a mix of you and old actors so the acting tends to be pretty good especially from Ann Turkel and Vince Edwards. Even the ending was a little different from your typical hack and slash. And if you watch the VHS or R2 version you get a smattering of gore and nudity.

On the other hand it was a little like the Melrose Place of horror movies, everyone was hitting on everyone and I don't think one character had any fidelity to their current relationships.

It didn't succeed 100% but if you want to see something a little different horror-wise you could do worse. If you're looking for action (it drags in spots) and gore, then skip this. If you like to check out different kinds of horror movies, can get in to somewhat psychological films, and don't require stuff that's all formula this might do for a rental. Just don't set your hopes too high.

Reviewed by Snake-666 5 / 10

Better than I had expected!

I wasn't really expecting much from this low budget horror movie, especially considering how cheap it is to buy and the numerous negative comments on IMDb about it, but in all honesty I was pleasantly surprised by ‘The Fear'.

Richard (Eddie Bowz), a psychology student, decides to conduct a group experiment in controlled fear for the purposes of his thesis. After this idea is approved by Dr. Arnold (one of two brief appearances from Wes Craven) he organises a weekend away with his `subjects' at his childhood home. Richard is haunted by nightmares which go back to his childhood, but he is unable to think of what it is that bothers him so much….and what does this wooden mannequin named Morty have to do with his fears?

The first half of this movie is almost like a psychological thriller with a few unnerving parts and some eerie sequences but mainly concentrating on introducing us to the characters. Throughout the first half of movie the viewer learns more about each character as the story progresses but we are also treated to some rather interesting and occasionally dramatic moments. The second half of the film is more like a straight horror film and unfortunately loses some of its appeal due to some rather confusing sequences and unexplained happenings.

The acting was fairly good from all the cast, particularly from Heather Medway who played Ashley and Darin Heames who played Troy. Heames previously played Z-Boy in ‘Night of the Demons 2' and for those who have seen that movie his character was very similar in ‘The Fear'. Also worthy of comment was the direction from Vince Robert which was of fairly good quality and created a certain dark atmosphere to the movie.

It's probably not everyone's cup of tea and the ending left a lot to be desired, including the answers to many important questions but ‘The Fear' is still fairly entertaining in my opinion. There is a distinct lack of action and no real gore to speak of which is why I consider this a fairly adept thriller. My rating for ‘The Fear' – 6.5/10

Reviewed by Bataeu 7 / 10

Golden Cracker award for being so cheesy.

A group of college students go on a field trip to help out a fellow student do his psychology major. He studies fear, and it's effect on people. After going to his childhood home/cabin in the woods, he discovers his old "childhood friend" Morty- an old wooden dummy. He uses the dummy in his sessions for his friends to tell their fears to. Twist is, this dummy is alive, and soon kills everyone off using their fears.

I actually enjoyed this film. I first saw it about 8 years ago- after buying it for $10 on video. The first thing I noticed about the film was yes, it is cheesy as hell, but the story and acting made it worth watching. It's one of the better acted B-Grade horror/thriller films out there. It cameos Wes Craven as the professor allowing the whole "field trip".

I particularly liked the soundtrack to the film. Each song is about fears and death. Esham's title track (The Fear (Morty's Theme)) is a great song.

I recommend this film to anyone who likes a good night in with a campy horror flick or two.


Recently picking up this film on DVD I was disappointed to find the film HEAVILY cut. All the profanity has been cut out, and it looks/sounds terrible. AVOID THE FILM ON DVD.

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