The Female

1958 [FRENCH]


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Lila Kedrova as Manuela
Brigitte Bardot as Eva Marchand
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Reviewed by shepardjessica-1 7 / 10

B. Bardot Is Most Striking

Another vibrant creature in Ms. Bardot's growing gallery of young temptresses is a joy to behold. Filmed in Spain in glorious technicolor, her beautiful golden hair cascading around her shoulders, she proves once again that no man is her match. Teasing and flirting with a well-to-do bull-breeder (who has a lovely invalid wife), this flamenco student is the ultimate sex kitten and proved she was the most irresistible sexual creature ever put on film. She plays him like a fiddle as well she should. Dressed in various bolts of red, yellow AND black, usually barefoot or wearing tiny slippers, flaunting her trademark dancer's walk, Ms. BB is at the top of her game with her confidence shining through.

A melodrama similar to THE NIGHT HEAVEN FELL ('58 as well) with beautiful locales that are exceptional. I don't think this did well at the box office with many bloated critics sneering at her blatant sensuality. Don't watch a dubbed version of this where they stick Ms. Bardot with a terrible voice, as they did many times.

A 7 out of 10. Best performance = B. Bardot. Gorgeious and seductive, holding out until it suits her needs, this young woman should be applauded for showing true sensuality in those censor-ridden and repressed 1950's. Bravo BB! The 1st truly independent woman in film at a relatively young age; 23 at this time. This film surprised me. Very few actresses nowadays, even in their thirties could project a maturing young woman's inner workings. Most of them still seem like teenagers. Oh well.

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