The Final Girls


Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 72%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 32675


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Nina Dobrev as Vicki Summers
Alexander Ludwig as Chris Briggs
Taissa Farmiga as Max Cartwright
Malin Akerman as Nancy / Amanda Cartwright
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gwnightscream 5 / 10

"Not Bad Horror/Slasher Satire!"

This 2015 horror comedy stars Taissa Farmiga and Malin Akerman. This tells of teenage girl, Max (Farmiga) who is coping with the loss of her mother, Amanda (Akerman) who died in a car accident 3 years prior. Amanda was an actress and Max attends a screening of a cheesy, 80's horror film, "Camp Bloodbath" in which she starred. Soon, a fire breaks out and Max is magically transported into the film with her friends. They find themselves trying to survive against the masked killer along with the characters. In the process, Max bonds with Amanda's character, Nancy who is a camp counselor. This isn't a bad horror/slasher satire that obviously pokes fun of "Friday the 13th" and "Last Action Hero," it has humor and heart and Farmiga & Akerman have good chemistry. If you like slasher flicks, check this out at least once.

Reviewed by acidburn-10 8 / 10

Derseves to be a classic

The plot follows a young girl grieving at the loss of her mother a former 80's scream queen, so she and her friends go to see the movie she was in and gets sucked into the screen and end up battling the killer themselves along with the stars inside the movie.

This movie was a great satire to 80's slasher movies, with tons of tributes and homage's sprinkled throughout, most notably to Jason from Friday The 13th and would definitely highly recommend this to any fans of 80's slashers or just any type of horror in general. The story has a really cool concept with the cast getting sucked into the movie and the two different generations of teens interacting with each other, which was really fun and really boasts some interesting contrasts. Plus there were a surprising amount of emotional scenes in this movie, which made for a nice change and they totally worked, which was thanks to the strong cast of actors which really adds depth to this and made for an unexpected but welcome change.

Even by technical stand point this movie has some of the best cinematography that I've seen in a while, with some amazing camera work that you don't usually see in these types of movies. Even the lighting was fantastic which really helps set the mood for the movie, with the mixtures of colours that reflect the situations in each scene, which I thought was interesting and worked really well in the movie's favour. The style of horror mixed with comedy really balances out quite well and you can tell that the cast was having a blast and especially at pointing out the horror movie clichés and just running with them.

The acting was fantastic with some real strong female leads with Taissa Farmiga who I'd loved on American Horror Story and was equally as great here, she was definitely up to the task and becomes a total bad-ass towards the end and it was nice to see her do something different, definitely a talent to be watched. Malin Ackerman who played her mother was also great their mother daughter relationship really worked well and they had great chemistry together which was the emotional backbone of this movie. Alexander Ludwig was really likable as the boyfriend and male lead. Adam Devine was hilarious and was a definite standout, but wasn't in it long enough. Finally Thomas Middleditch was great as the horror fan boy and made for a great comic relief. In fact the entire cast gave decent and well rounded performances.

Although there are a few minor bad points to this though, such as the pacing towards the end was very slow and did kind of sag in places, while I get they were building up suspense for the last act, but it did just go on a bit too long and could have maybe been trimmed down a tad. Plus because of the rating of this movie did feel watered down as we didn't get any gruesome death scenes which for a slasher movie isn't a great thing, and that also meant that none of the death scenes really stood out, but thankfully the movie doesn't suffer too much because of this and it's still an entertaining watch.

All in all 'The Final Girls' is a fantastic movie with a great script, strong acting and witty and sharp dialogue and just a general great time. While it may not deliver on the gore, and the emotional scenes may not be for everyone, this movie definitely delivers on everything else and deserves to be a classic.

Reviewed by MikesIDhasbeentaken 7 / 10

Nice take on the 80's slasher

Thought this was quite a nice change and different, People go into what is really Friday the 13th, and as they realize whats happening, they try to prevent what they know happens in the movie happening to them

Has a good mix of comedy and slashing and will be enjoyable to anyone that likes movies like Friday 13th and Scream

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