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Reviewed by mad_max_45 10 / 10

A real treat

I recently got a chance to view this at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, it was a real treat to see. It was projected on to the wall and I honestly don't think this film would translate that well outside of a theater on a small TV screen. It was funny to think that Tony Conrad has watched this film countless times, he watched it with us and didn't leave. He said his favorite parts are the ones with more subtle flickering and not the parts where it flickers very fast (People will often hallucinate during these parts).

I talked with Tony Conrad about getting a copy of this film; he said he is working with his son who is a computer programmer to recreate the film digitally into a computer program, this is pretty smart because it would be a very small download as the only thing that would really take up space is the soundtrack. The soundtrack is composed by Tony Conrad and he said that he built his own synthesizer just for the film's score.

Reviewed by atombee 8 / 10

truly psychedelic/ available anywhere?

I saw it at Wheeler Auditorium on the Berkeley UC campus in 1967. Lots of hippies in the audience. Never forgotten it.

A mesmerizing film. The strobophobic cycles were hypnotic, shifting in pulse and rhythm ... a remarkable achievement. Not sure I'd want to watch it over and over, but I would like to see it again.

Is it available anywhere?

And I guess I have to keep writing to make 10 lines of type. There is not a lot to say about a silent movie consisting solely of alternating black and white frames.

But I recommend it!

Reviewed by iamsethh 10 / 10

Amazing film!

The complicated plot of this film may be very difficult to follow, for some viewers, but it pays off at the end. The character development is brilliant. Watch for the ironic ending and the way it all comes together at the end. Believe it or not, this film is based on a true story! I can't wait for the sequel, or the television series which is in the works.

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