The Flying Ace


Action / Adventure / Crime

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

Surprisingly good.

"The Flying Ace" is an interesting film, as it was made in Jacksonville, Florida using and all-black cast. It also seems like a movie serial, being divided up into parts as well as having all sorts of interesting cliffhangers like a traditional serial. What is most interesting, however, is that it's a good film...something you cannot really say about most black cinema of the 1920s through the 40s. This is NOT meant as an insult...just stating a fact. It was because the filmmakers had minimal budgets and no-name directors and actors that most of these films are pretty forgettable...but not "The Flying Ace"!

The story is about a small town where there is a robbery at the railroad station. Someone has gassed the station agent, attacked the guard and made off with the loot. And, it's all up to our brilliant hero, a railroad detective who has just returned from the war to figure out where all the loot is and who took it. But he also must, naturally, have a chase--though this one is aboard airplanes!

The airplane scenes worked BUT are pretty funny as it's pretty obvious that the planes never even leave the ground! This is actually smart directing by the economy-minded director. It's also interesting that the hero has a sidekick...a truly one-legged one who lost it in the war...a rare film reference to the cost of WWI. Overall, despite some occasional cheapo moments, the film is pretty exciting and worth seeing....especially for a silent.

By the way, I have no idea why but some of the actors seemed to have caked on the makeup--particularly the guy playing Finley. He looks almost ghost-like because the makeup is so light. Weird.

Reviewed by boblipton 7 / 10

Subversion Masked As Pure Entertainment

A railroad detective turned WWI Ace returns to his job. His assignment today is to find out who stole the railroad's $25,000 payroll and kidnapped the company's paymaster at a small station near the swamps of Florida. Is it the station master? His pretty daughter? The mysteriously rich man who owns his own airplane? Whoever it is, the movie will feature fights, flights, daring rescues in mid-air and a comic policeman.

It would be a well written and performed programmer from a major Hollywood studio, and largely forgotten today. However, it isn't from one of the majors, it's from Norman Studios in Florida, and it features an all-Black cast. Certainly it wasn't the first feature-length race film; writer-producer-director Richard Norman had been producing them at his own studio at least since 1919. What's extraordinary about it, is that Norman was making films that stand up purely as entertainment. There's no message about the tiny world the Black people were crammed into, like Oscar Michaeux was fond of: just good, clean entertainment.

Or was there a message? We see Black railroad executives, and Black women wanting to fly planes, and Black flying aces.... wasn't this movie saying, in effect, that its audience was capable of all of these things?

Reviewed by richardchatten 2 / 10

Fails to Take Flight

Much of 'The Flying Ace' is shot out of doors on attractive Floridian locations and generally well acted apart from the broad and unfunny comic relief supplied by Lyons Daniels as a dim-witted policeman wearing a uniform several sizes too large for him that he looks as if he's been sleeping in and wielding an enormous night-stick, and Steve Reynolds as a one-legged war buddy of the hero (interesting to see a veteran who's returned minus a limb, as so many actually did), whose crutch contains a long-barrelled gun out of which he spays bullets like a character in a spaghetti western. (Another exotic weapon employed is nitryl chloride squirted in a couple of peoples' faces that immediately knocks them out like the purple gas in an episode of 'Batman'.)

Unfortunately the identity of the villain is obvious from the word Go, and the budget simply can't begin to deliver the spectacle promised by the film's title and poster, with the result that the "action" at the climax has to be staged in a manner that resembles a one-reel short made a quarter of a century earlier.

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