The Follower


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.5 10 223

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Saiph90 1 / 10

Pretty awful film

The main character is so annoying you have zero empathy and without that you really do not care what happens to him, the female although having lived in America for a long time still speaks with a strange accent. Found footage, shot on your phone or hand held camera does not on its own make a good film. You need plot, dialogue, story line and good acting, this has none of these attributes. The dog must have been grateful it was killed off and could go on to better projects. As a horror movie fails miserably, I have felt more horror finding out we have run out of coffee.

Reviewed by iiss-02622 1 / 10

I recommend this movie if you're looking to waste your time!

This is another found footage movie with a "nuance". This time, it's a YouTuber recording on his cameras! The story makes no sense, it's about this guy investigating a supposedly haunted house, but the owner of the house appears to be insane, then the dude leaves. Soon after he starts to experience strange things in his house, the ending is about the house owner's brother murdering her... it's really not worth the effort of tying. The acting is absolutely atrocious; it's comparable to the acting you see in a mediocre B movie.

To whoever was associated with the making of this movie: I understand that it's your passion project, or you got paid to participate in the making of this piece of poop, it's really, I MEAN REALLY, terrible.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

French found footage

THE FOLLOWER is a mildly effective little found footage indie from France which is better structured than you might expect given the genre. The story told is clear, albeit slow moving with little incident involved. A video blogger/ghost hunter visits a lonely woman in order to investigate a supposedly haunted house, but he discovers more than intended. The story's a bit lacking but this isn't that bad to watch given indie standards.

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