The Fuller Brush Girl


Action / Adventure / Comedy

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Mary Treen as Woman Selling Magazine
Lucille Ball as Sally Elliot
Mel Blanc as Parrot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 9 / 10

A Very Funny 'Unknown" Movie

This was a nice surprise. I didn't know what to expect, but what I got was a lot of laughs. Sure, many of the gags were simple slapstick stuff but it worked. This was truly a funny movie and Lucille Ball and Eddie Albert made a great pair.

This film also was a good preview of what audiences were going to see down the road when Ball became super-famous on television. She plays a similar type of character: a well-meaning ditz who gets into one jam after another. Here, she winds up an innocent victim and has gangsters chasing her and Albert all over town.

I only wish this was out on DVD or even on a good VHS tape in the United States. With only a couple of reviews, apparently most people have never heard of it. It's worth seeing and owning, believe me.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 9 / 10

Lucy Ricardo & Oliver Wendell Douglas go nutz!

The first lady of TV comedy (Lucille Ball) and the King of society folk in the country (Eddie Albert of "Green Acres") are the wackiest comedy team since Burns and Allen in this fun farce, one of the most delightful comedys of the 1940's.

Lucy plays Sally Elliott, a recently fired receptionist who is engaged to Eddie Albert's bumbling file clerk, Humphrey Briggs. They want to buy a house but can't afford the monthly payments. Briggs is hired by his crooked boss (Jerome Cowan) as the front for a shipping scam and Lucy takes up selling cosmetics as a Fuller Brush Girl. The two end up involved in a murder investigation when a misunderstanding between Cowan and his wife (Lee Patrick of "Auntie Mame") erupts. Not since Red Skelton's "Whistling" films had murder been so farcial, and Eddie and Lucille deliver the goods.

First of all, Lucy here isn't the same as she was as any of her TV Lucy characters. They were wacky and dimwitted, but Lucy here is more of a victim of circumstance. She is just the epitome of the girl in the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, when pal Jeff Donnell visits Lucy before she is fired, it is not Lucy's stupidity which causes her to get into trouble; It is more a combination of clumsiness and bad timing. Next, when Lucy gives some home perms to a group of ladies who lunch, it is the old switcharoo which causes Lucy to get deeper and deeper into trouble. Of course, these sequences are hysterical and straight out of the farcical moments of "I Love Lucy". Lucy's later show biz desperations of her TV series are perfectly represented here by Sally's entrance into a burlesque show. With hysterically long false eye lashes, overdone makeup, and some hysterically bad dance movements, Lucy's well-performed "untalent" is guaranteed to leave the audience exhausted from laughing so much. The finale chase sequence aboard a ship is also full of laughs. As a result, this classic comedy is guaranteed to provide the audience with more than the usual number of laughs.

Gale Robbins, a vixen of the late 40's and early 50's, is good as the bad girl, while Jeff Donnell (later Quartermain housekeeper Stella on "General Hospital"), Lee Patrick, Jerome Cowan, and a whole slew of famous character faces whose names we don't know, do good as well in smaller parts. Even Fuller Brush Man Red Skelton makes an appearance here, reuniting Lucy with her leading man from 1943's MGM classic "DuBarry Was a Lady" where Lucy first showed off her flaming red hair.

This is a classic not-to-miss comedy not only for fans of Lucy but for movie buffs who want to see what classic comedy really is.

Reviewed by MCL1150 9 / 10

Wonderfully Funny Find!

Once and a while you're lucky enough to see a film for the very first time that you never heard of before that you simply end up loving. Such is "The Fuller Brush Girl". Costarring Lucille Ball and Eddie Albert, this is one very funny film. It was written by the late/great Frank Tashlin and plays out like a live action cartoon. And no wonder. Tashlin is one of the all-time greats in the field of animated cartoons. While not as prolific as Tex Avery, his cartoons are among some of the best ever made. It was once said that Frank Tashlin directed cartoons like films and made films like cartoons. "The Fuller Brush Girl" is a perfect example. While directed by Lloyd Bacon, the real soul of the movie is Tashlin, who basically comes up with inventive gag after great inventive gag. And all of them are worked out in live action to perfection. Tex Avery once said that it was funnier if something was done in live action. And he was right! Had this been an actual cartoon, it wouldn't have been as satisfying. Ball is her usual hilarious self and Albert is at his best here as her fiancé'. So if you think you've seen every 1940s-50s comedy worth seeing and have yet to see "The Fuller Brush Girl" , then you really have something to look forward to! As they say, don't miss it! Enjoy!

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