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super power grandmother mysticism chernobyl

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May 22, 2022 at 02:07 AM

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexgendin 10 / 10

How this was absolutely marvelous

Ok, I don't think I have enough knowledge to write something filled with analytics and objective points. I just know it was a hell of a great movie and I enjoyed it so freaking much. It was the best time I ever had watching a Ukrainian film. The actors, the settings, the camera - everything was so amazing. Thank you guys for making this masterpiece.

Reviewed by salviolog 8 / 10

An atmospheric movie, might confuse the viewer

To understand this movie, you have to ignore all the juicy details used as framing. The stalkers, the mushrooms, the aliens - these are just things brought into the movie to make it a bit more interesting, but they mostly lead to no conclusion. It's like watching a movie about the life of an NPC character in Stalker games, some side quest character that lives its own little life while some great stuff is happening out there. The main theme of this movie is about the struggle of Ukrainian people between an uncaring government and impoverished infrastructure left behind from the Soviet times, but if this was done with no mysticism and sci-fi, it wouldn't have been as much fun as it was. The main character, old lady Paraska, is a lot of fun to watch, but the cgi and makeup are on the cheap side.

Reviewed by annayevtushok 10 / 10


To get a clue on this movie - please read the first review of alexgendin.

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