The Glance of Music

2021 [ITALIAN]

Biography / Documentary / Music

IMDb Rating 8.6 10 766

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rino_Bortone 10 / 10


Giuseppe Tornatore is recognized in the film industry as one of the best Italian and international directors of the century and what distinguishes his works is the excessive humanity, told without filters and with pure emotions. Ennio is a documentary film by Tornatore, whose protagonist is the beloved and magical maestro Ennio Morricone, one of the greatest composers of all time, but this time this is not a fictional character invented by Tornatore, but simply a character from real life, the humble one, which perfectly marries with Tornatore's tales, so it is a story about a friend, a colleague, a truth-made-human, an endless magic, a dream from which you don't want to wake up. Ennio Morricone, who tells himself in the film, is a transcendental, divine "character" of immense talent and true humanity, full of tears and joy; therefore his story had to be told obligatorily and then handed down, so this work is nothing more than a letter to posterity, a story about to be told around bonfires that will inspire many future composers and that will pass down Morricone's works from generation to generation. Yet another masterpiece by Tornatore, practically immense, clean, colossal, true and timeless, which does not border on perfection, but reaches it from the beginning and which will never vanish in honor of the great Master Ennio.

Reviewed by abbatevittorio 10 / 10


A beautiful tribute, this by Tornatore, to an authentic genius whose value will be understood and metabolized more and more over the years, and not only with regard to film music. On the other hand Morricone was not only the author of some of the most famous soundtracks of the second half of the twentieth century, but also of numerous musical pieces brought to success in the 60s and 70s, as well as symphonies and pieces of contemporary music. (the first, true love of his musical career). Tornatore, who had the privilege of working with him and interviewed him here shortly before he left us, thus manages to show a portrait that for an enthusiast represents a sort of immersion in the history of cinema itself, and becomes gradually more intense. In investigating, thanks also to interviews with directors, actors and producers that Morricone met in his long career, the maniacal perfection of an author born trumpeter in the foretaste, who grew up later at the school of Goffredo Petrassi and literally exploded in the 60s. A career as a true workaholic of the note, but without affecting the production of a long series of masterpieces that have rightfully entered musical history. Two and a half hours of pure enjoyment that every film lover should indulge in.

Reviewed by frcata 10 / 10


This film is perfect: there are all the Morricone's genius and all his love for Music. This film is great in taking the spectator inside his composition and his works with the presence of several sequences of the films with Morricone's soundtracks.

Some moments and some sequences are heartbreaking for whom loves cinema.

What else? You have to watch it. And all it could be possibile thanks to the huge work made by Tornatore. Thanks for this.

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