The Good Student


Comedy / Mystery

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Mark Kassen as Pete Macauley
Brian Anthony Wilson as Detective Dick Moon
Paula Devicq as Holly
Dan Hedaya as Gabe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hexrei 4 / 10

Not so bad, but not great.

It wasn't awful, but this movie is pretty forgettable. With only a couple of exceptions, the characters came off as two dimensional, their actions made no sense and seemed totally unrealistic. The actors did a passable job with what they had. The dialogue had a few chuckles but largely felt short of witty, and it couldn't seem to commit to comedy and instead comes off as a not so compelling drama with a few comic moments. I will say the end was unexpected to me, but it didn't really make up for the flaws.

Of course, Hayden Panettierre is really hot, and if you enjoy looking at her this movie is probably worth seeing just for that.

Reviewed by jheartsmc 7 / 10

An interesting and cool weird movie!

I watched this movie on t.v. and I really liked it, so much as to try to find a website where I could rewatch it for free. I like Hayden Panettiere and thought she acted well in this movie. The movie surprised me twice. Once when Ally seemed friendly to her teacher and not creeped out by him, and again when he held her hostage but didn't do anything, then talked back to Ally's dad. I think it's kind of a weird and unusual movie, and those are exactly the kind of movies that I like. They aren't the same layout as other "cookiecutter" films. I tend to gravitate towards movies that contain certain characters, and Ally and her teacher were two of those types of characters (cool teenage girl) (odd eccentric guy) that I like to see in movies. I think The Good Student is a movie that can answer someone's "what ifs" about what if a teacher held one of their students hostage, but he decided to be nice and not hurt her and let her go?

Reviewed by jehrsam 6 / 10

Entertaining 90 Minutes

The Good Student is an entertaining who-dun-it. It is well acted and worthwhile entertainment. Pay attention to the police detectives because the pair is portrayed with a little different approach. I guess I do not know what a "Dark Comedy" really is, but I wouldn't categorize it as such. (The term Dark Comedy is almost an oxymoron.) It is necessary for the viewer to get into the action and follow along. If one just remains at the surface, it will be hard to like this movie, so plunge right in. You will find yourself wavering back and forth as you attempt to figure out who is the actual villain. Just get into it and expect to enjoy it and you'll have a nice experience. If you like a few twists and turns along the way, you will like this movie and find it a good way to have spent 90 minutes.

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