The Great War of Archimedes


Action / Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 625

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10

a historical drama?? or a new push from the right

In the time after the japanese/russian war japan became more and more isolated and nationalistic until the fascistera inevitably took hold as a popular wind took hold after the great depression and the great build up. for japan to evolve strength had to look elsewhere for resources to manage the job, a great navy where needed for this expansion policy and this film is about this.

its a officers behind eachother back-talking and stabbing eachother what would be best and most effective. its the generals and the plutocrats and an emperor that in these days where ''god''to the japanese people.

as a tech product there are lots of good input but also some pretty artificial looking vfx and cgi's, but its allright if you put the strongest glasses on to blur the edges.

if you are in for a warfilm you will be disapointed, otherwise its viewable for a grumpy old man

Reviewed by mdbizzarri 2 / 10

The voice overs are worse than the worst Manga

I love history and love to hear about the other points of view. The Yamato would not use an 18" shell for anti aircraft. The actors who made the English translation either didn't try and made the voices cartoonish, or the director forced them to not even try to be "in the scene " . The special effects were spectacular.but the voice overs just made this a waste of money.

Reviewed by paulgmoffat 8 / 10

Interresting perspective of this part of history,.

I found this movie to have an interesting mix of historical and fiction in the events portrayed. The CGI used in some sections is fairly good, but could have been better, which I assume is related to the production budget. The acting seems to be somewhat exaggerated in gesture and vocalization. There are some technical faults in the battle scene and in the sinking of the ship, but they do not detract from the imagery - only a 'purist' would point them out. The English dubbing takes some getting used to from the synchronicity of the face and words. Listening in Japanese and having English subtitles is easier to watch.

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