The Green Planet

1996 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 4481

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merlin9877 9 / 10

A glimmer of hope

As opposed to the last reviewer, I found this movie completely refreshing. Finally, a movie that presents the quirks of our modern and frantic living in a very humorous and simple way (check out Kooyaanisqatsi if you need a more abstract and poetic view). This movie doesn't "try" to make you laugh, you just do so because you can see yourself in it.

This may not be a movie that Americans will quite get into since the type of humor and cultural background is very French in deed (and it does point out the absurdity of a lot of things we do here in North America as well as in Europe). It is highly commendable for the social comments it passes (just check out the scene where Vincent Lindon accidentally scratches someone else's car's rear view mirror or when the baby doesn't exist since it doesn't have papers). The movie as a lyrical feel to it and gives us hope. We just have to listen a bit closely. I give it a solid 7,5/10

Reviewed by dibau_naum_h 10 / 10

Disconnect yourself

did you ever wonder why the floor under your feet , in the place where you live are covered with a gray material, & you can't see the soil? why this floor is full of poop? why are there boxes of metal emitting gases that you must breath? why you live in high cages, forced to hear the noise of these metal boxes? why you're driving them, & not using your feet, causing you to eventually have heart attack, if you won't die earlier from cancer from the gases, or an accident with the fast moving boxes? why you eat corpses of animals? why you use pieces of paper entitling you to any value, without which you won't have nothing, not even food? why you eat unhealthy food? why you're sitting every evening watching a box showing people telling lies, & dirtying your mind? why do you let yourself be led by fat selfish people caring only about themselves, their money & power, why don't we really listen to each other, talk to each other, why do we have these hierarchies, in which the stupidiest, incapable ones rule, control & exploit the goodness & capable weaker ones? why we go about doing wrong immoral things just because we're being told, why we we're constantly mad, worried & frustrated with such small trivial things, like a scratch in the mirror of our cars, & never see, appreciate & thank the beautiful wonderful life, nature & world that sorrounds & support us? why we ruin the world, poison ourselves, live in ugliness, support the rich selfish people exploiting us, selling us lies, tobbaco, weapons & arms, killing people with the money that we're forced to pay them as taxes?

if you haven't wondered on all this, its because you're like an ant, small cell in the super-organism, & can't see beyond your cell's vision. what you need is to be disconnected, shocked by artists such as Coline Serreau, that have a vision that you don't have, consciousness, different from that of the ants. such artists, like Jesus & Johann Sebastian Bach, cause the world to change, the super-organism to evolve into something more intelligent, more good for its cells, that are given life.

Reviewed by nik-202 10 / 10

Best film I've seen in years

If you don't understand French you are gonna miss a lot in this film because the dialogues are incredible. It was really difficult to get a hold of this film in France and after seeing it I understand why. It shows our society for what it is and how we are all just a bunch of sheep following the leader. No one wants to be shown that they are a sheep, so its no wonder this film received very little exposure. I will make sure that everyone I know will see this movie and make sure that all their friends see it too. Its a wake up call that was made over 10 years ago and we still haven't understood the message. Every high schooler, every college student should see this film, you should see this film. Its a film that calls for change. Loved it.

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