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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lord_cw 3 / 10

Great sound effect but it is just a classic horror Hollywood, good wrap up

Classic Hollywood Horror movie intro, same level done but the content is just less She is leaving but stayed and received something that was prepared for her?

Dialogs are really bad; the script was badly done. The acting is still ok level, making it not the actors' fault.

Ugh is that not too badly set up competition due there is no background information about it making it hardly to know what she is getting herself into.

There are just too classic Hollywood lines and scenes and players reaction.

Totally not making it scary more, odd, but with the accompanied music it does make it scary.

Sound effect has done a great job for this movie Moral of the movie is quite nice as we hunger for more, making us do things we should not do and vulnerable for external elements.

The ending is nicely wrapped, here is what most points goes to. I would say also say sound and music.

Reviewed by zeeking 10 / 10

The absolute best

The absolute best movie in terms of a perfect mix of horror, suspense, direction, acting and background music. The plot twist was something I did'nt imagine coming. Vietnam has it all going and beats US film makers.

Reviewed by Movi3DO 1 / 10


May con nay nhin giong nhu dong ho nha Annabelle.

I swear to god this is one of the biggest piece of crap that I have seen. This director should stick to drama. It's like he took an intro to horror filmmaking, learned some basic elements, dropped the class, and made this amateur movie.

After the first hour I basically checked out. The second hour was just suffering hoping this trash would end as quick as possible. No it didn't end quick.

A cringe fest in almost every aspect: acting, dialogue, horror, pacing, everything.

Overall, a crappy version of Annabelle, which is already crappy. 1/10.

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