The Gunfighter


Comedy / Western

IMDb Rating 8 10 3666

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Nick Offerman as The Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by logicproreviews 8 / 10

So good, please watch this!

So funny! Saw this hidden gem on YouTube, I don't want to give any spoilers so here goes. This clever short takes the Western formula and tips it on it's head. We have a narrator to help us along. It makes for a hilarious narrative. Please make this into a feature, the world needs it!

Reviewed by thomasjay-2201 8 / 10


A fantastic post modern premise this short is hilarious and masterfully crafted. Quick and straight to the point this surprisingly action packed quickie has the potential for a full scale film and I highly recommend a watch

Reviewed by arie-vanloon 8 / 10

Worth your time.

Normally I don't watch short films, but this one was definitely worth the exception. The concept with the narrator may not be entirely new, but it is played out very well.

The running gag (the all knowing narration) is accompanied by a few nice jokes will make you grin. The film doesn't take itself too serious, which helps.

Acting is good, camera work is good. A must see when you want to kill some time in a way you won't regret (which is rare these days with all the big productions that put massive special effects in front of decent acting and good plots).

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