The Hand of God

2021 [ITALIAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by antoniotierno 10 / 10


Un film fantastico, non solo eccezionalmente recitato (visti gli attori) ma anche una rappresentazione caricaturale ma perfetta di Napoli, dei napoletani e di tutto ciò che si respira in quella città. Triste, tristissimo in certe parti ma anche spiritoso. Maradona c'entra fino a un certo punto ma anche questo contribuisce alla descrizione della napoletanità. Un capolavoro, eccezionale anche Carpentieri, oltre ovviamente al genio Servillo. Colonna sonora finale da pelle d'oca, mentre scorrono le immagini di Napoli. Un capolavoro.

Reviewed by conannz 6 / 10

We needed more of the little Monk

I saw this at a local film festival. The opening scene starts with a tracking shot that shows a mystery car but keeps going to some islands. That seemed like a misdirection right at the start.

The real opening scene with the mad aunt, the fairy saint of Naples and the little Monk in a tumbling down palace complete with oversize chandelier hinted at some whimsy and magic but alas it is a prompt for domestic strife when Aunt goes home late to her husband.

The next scene with Fabio and his parents on the scooter is joyful and they de-escalate the drama. Mad Aunt is Fabiettos mothers sister.

There are a number of other scenes but the best are at the family picnic, the swim and the boat ride back.

When we finally get towards the end Fabietto meets the director who shouts every line.

I much preferred "the Great Beauty" which has a few more magical scenes than this. What is also of interest is that the film is going to be released on Netflix very soon and so its theatrical run will be super short. I enjoyed watching it on the big screen but it seems like a few scenes involving the little monk would have wrapped it up better. It needed more magic and less TV sitcom filler.

Reviewed by fabiosciarra-1 9 / 10

One of the best contemporary Italian directors

It is a very difficult challenge to try to lightly tell such a personal and traumatic drama as it happens in "The hand of God". The director Sorrentino tries to face it without veils and metaphors, keeping only his very personal taste for the grotesque and decadence because- as he tries to explain several times in the film- after the personal tragedy he experienced as a teenager, he no longer likes reality: "the reality is poor". Yet reality can also be extraordinary, so much so as to generate one of the best contemporary Italian directors from a such atrocious trauma.

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