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football (soccer) victim israel

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Reviewed by barnabyrudge 5 / 10

Offbeat, not entirely successful vanity project for a trouble-making star, with some points of interest.

Many actors down the years have had a go at directing themselves in a film; Bloomfield marks the one and only effort from 'enfant terrible' Richard Harris, around the time he was also fancying himself as something of a singer. There's something about Bloomfield which has a hint of autobiography about it – the Harris character is a big celebrity (in this case a footballer) adored by some and ridiculed by others; constantly pressured to behave more responsibly and plan for the future, yet unable to get much further than his own impulsive nature and penchant for self-indulgent recklessness.

In Israel, youngster Nimrod (Kim Burfield) obsesses about football so much that his father (Zvi Yaron) begins to worry that he needs to do something to get him back on track. Nimrod's idol is Eitan (Richard Harris), a top player with Tel Aviv who will shortly be playing his final match. Eitan is loved and loathed in equal measure – some feel he is a genius of the football field; others consider him a burnt-out wreck, too insistent on living a self-indulgent lifestyle to have any real future on or off the pitch. His love-hate relationship with artist Nira (Romy Schneider) seems to be under threat, especially since she finds her career rocketing upwards just as his is winding down. Determined not to miss Eitan's final game, Nimrod runs away from home and treks across Israel to be there for the player's swansong. He gets more than he bargained for when he actually meets Eitan by chance and gets to spend the whole day leading up to the match in the company of his idol, learning a few life lessons about fame, wasted talent and personal demons along the way.

Hampered by a hopelessly dated soundtrack and some amateurish performances, Bloomfield is nevertheless far from a total loss. Amid the film's many misjudgments there are plenty of interesting touches too. The Israeli locations are quite unusual and give the film a strangely appealing look; the relationship between Harris and Schneider is quite interestingly developed, and well-played by the film's two strongest actors; and the story makes some worthwhile points about what people can (and can't) do with their lives once their one true talent fizzles out. Ultimately the amateurishness and the wholly unconvincing football sequences (done in a pseudo-arty manner) – plus a handful of peculiar and unpersuasive plot developments – prevent Bloomfield from being much more than a curiosity item. However, fans of the star will probably enjoy seeing him in something so atypical, and the film's sheer 'offbeatness' makes it worth a peek.

Reviewed by Aujouret 10 / 10

Richard Harris at his best

If you have enjoyed Richard Harris' work over his long career, this film is definitely worth seeing. Richard was a born rebel and this film is a natural vehicle for him. Filmed in Israel amid a stark landscape, it is firstly unusual looking. The story is of a 12 year old soccer fan who is obsessed with Eitan, the legendary football star of Isreal. He runs away from to find his hero. Arriving at Bloomfield stadium , he sees Eitan practicing with the team, unaware that the Football club have fallen through on their promise to Eitan. The boy and Eitan strike up a friendship because of their shared love of the game. They go on a journey together and Nimrod gets a real life view of his hero, who nearly sells out for money to throw the big game and be set up financially for the rest of his life. In the end, the hero has pride and honor but sadly looses the game , the boy and his sensible girlfriend, the late lovely Romy Schneider. But as we see in the final frame of the film, Eitan will go on living his own life anyway. Which is really the story about the actor himself. Richard Harris made his own rules in life and followed his own course. Unfortunately this is Harris' only directing effort. The film was not critically praised nor did it do well at the box office. This film has only been released on VHS as of this writing and is difficult to find. Try "IOffer" and eBay. I love it, but then I do admit to bias as I am a big fan of Richards' and I dearly miss him.

Reviewed by barrymn1 8 / 10

I have never seen it, but the soundtrack contains some great music

One of the best, and least remembered "supergroups" from England (in the 1970's) was Heads, Hands and Feet. They started out as Poet And the One Man Band and had one LP issued in 1969 on UK Verve and US Paramount. They were fronted by Tony Colton and Ray Smith and this LP had the legendary Albert Lee on guitar. Their rhythm section changed and they became Heads, Hands and Feet. Unbelievably, they recorded an entire album in 1970 ("Home From Home") that was not released anywhere until 1995, when it was issued first the time time on UK See for Miles.

They signed to US Capitol and US Island in 1971 and the promptly issued a 2-LP set in the US, but the UK release was only a single LP. They recorded "Tracks" in 1972 and a couple of songs for this film.

Finally, they signed to US and UK Atlantic and recorded "Old Soldiers Never Die" in 1973 and promptly broke up.

The three tracks from this film were issued on a US Capitol and now the soundtrack for this film is available on UK Castle as "Bloomfield", the original title.

I'd love to see the film....the soundtrack is swell.

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