The Hero of Color City


Action / Animation / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
IMDb Rating 4 10 490


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Christina Ricci as Yellow
Owen Wilson as Ricky The Dragon
Sean Astin as Horatio
Elizabeth Daily as Mom / Ben / Tutti Frutti / Neon Lime
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Shelley Goodman 9 / 10

Deserved to do better than it did

This movie deserved to do better than it did. It is colourful, charming and touching. A must- watch for kids and kids at heart. It is great for keeping kids entertained without making parents want to join the circus. I may not recommend it to a two-year old, but it would be good for a six. With all the awful Saturday Disney around I can't see why this movie did so poorly

Reviewed by monica-mroch 8 / 10

Great toddler film

My three and four (now five) year olds LOVE this movie. It's terrific for little ones, and I prefer this to many more popular and money making films that cast a wider net that targets a broader age spectrum but also exposes little ones to more fearful subjects and tidal waves of verbage that they don't understand...and vocabulary/behaviors that I don't want them to imitate. I was surprised to read that this is the all-time lowest grossing animated feature film, but there you go. We watch it on Netflix.

Reviewed by sanctuary_thirteen 2 / 10

Trickle Down Economics For Kids

In this world, crayons are an elite ruling class who create "doodles" as lesser lifeforms dependent on the crayons for bright colors (monetary wealth). Crayons recharge their color via a rainbow waterfall which we find out that only they can absorb.

When one unfinished doodle (ironically dressed in the garb of royalty, when he is in fact an upstart in the face of the crayon aristocracy) attempts to bypass the crayons and absorb the bright color himself, he finds he cannot directly absorb it and dams up the waterfall. The crayons then, selflessly, attempt to distribute their remaining color among other doodles but feel their own color resources dwindling without access to the rainbow.

The climax relies on a cowardly crayon (yellow, naturally) who then reaches out to the oppressed doodles to work together, indicating the proletariat has no mouthpiece without the bourgeoisie to give it to him.

Essentially, it decries a populist attempt to bypass a power bottleneck as selfish and promotes the ruling elite crayons as some sort of necessary filter between resources and the doodles (people) who depend on it for life.

Probably not on purpose, as the rest of the film isn't clever enough to suggest there's any sort of intended subtlety. It's more likely that I watch this too much on Netflix with my kids, but there you go.

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