The Hound of the Baskervilles


Action / Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 8 10 4467

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James Faulkner as Stapleton
Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes
Ronald Pickup as Barrymore
Kristoffer Tabori as Sir Henry Baskerville
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alex Pan 7 / 10

It could be a masterpiece

Being a big fan of S.H. stories both in screen and paper, I admired this edition of the, dare say, best S.H. long story, because of the stunning atmosphere and setting. Jeremy Brett is the true example of how Holmes should be portrayed on screen, but this rendition of Watson by Hardwicke compared to the great David Burke brings a big disappointment.

Could be a 9/10, possibly a 10 as it goes for Sherlock Holmes adaptations but the nature of the story sadly makes Watson the protagonist this time.With this Watson, a 7/10 is a fair grade.

Reviewed by Paul Evans 9 / 10

Many pretenders to this, the best adaptation.

For me this is still far and away the best production of The Hound of The Baskervilles, possibly because I still to this day see Jeremy Brett as the great detective, but that apart this adaptation has so much going for it. It has a fine mix of drama, suspense and even humour.

Sir Henry Baskerville is perfectly portrayed by Kristoffer Tabori, there is a likability to the character, he's the sympathetic character you take to and fear for. The production values are spot on, the usual costumes and sets of course, but the location work is perfect, you see that Grimpen Mire is a place of natural beauty, but it has an eerie feel which is beautifully captured.

Holmes's absence means a greater role for Watson, and Hardwicke does a fantastic job, such an underrated performance throughout the series. Brett is brilliant, he brings the character of Holmes to life. James Faulkner, Ronald Pickup etc support brilliantly, it's such a well acted drama.

As for the hound itself, they were wise not to have it in shot for long periods of time, not sure it worked awfully well, and the sound seemed odd. The final attack scene though does work, the build up and tension are well created.

Overall, it's a fantastic version. Love it, 9/10

Reviewed by Richard Bailey 10 / 10

Quite simply this adaptation is superb

We are drowning in adaptations of the Hound of the Baskervilles, some are better then others, but only one I would class as outstanding, and that is this one. It's all about Jeremy Brett, he was to Sherlock Holmes what David Suchet was to Poirot, he was the defining characterization, he made Holmes real and relevant, and during this particular production I would say he was at the height of his mastery. Supported wonderfully by Edward Hardwicke, who seems to get more screen time then Holmes, he is wonderfully solid. Neil Duncan is great too, good strong scenes between him and Brett when they discuss his skull. In many of the adaptations the hound is the problem, in some it looks like a model, and in others it looks like Scooby Doo, they got it right this time round in this excellent TV movie.

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