The House of the Bories

1970 [FRENCH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 140

based on novel or book

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MarioB 8 / 10

Like a painting

The story? The husband is a scientific man. He's boring and severe with his wife and two children. The woman is the victim. She's bored with her husband and her life. And here comes the third one : a German translater. He's young, handsome, loves life and the children can play with him. You know what happens next! O.K., we saw that a thousand times in movies! But this simple French movie is very beautiful, because of the photography. Views of countryside looks like the works of a great painter. Indoor photography is also superb! This movie looks like Terence Malick before Malick. I really don't understand why the Internet movie database says this movie is like Le dîner de cons (1998)! It's not a comedy and had really nothing to do with this movie! If you want to compare, look at Jean Renoir's Une partie de campagne (but that Renoir movie was in Black and white!) Or compare it to any Malick picture.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 8 / 10

"When the cat's away,the mice will play."

Finding her gorgeous in the Film Noir Shoot the Pianist,I started looking for other titles with Marie Dubois.Talking to a fellow IMDber,I found out about a sensual Drama starring Dubois,which led to me entering the house of Bories.

The plot:

Living in the countryside with her husband and children, Isabelle Durras finds herself struggling with a feeling of her life lacking any sense of fulfilment. Spending all the time with his head in books, Julien Durras reveals that he has gotten a job in Paris for a year,with the one catch being…that Isabelle and the kids have to stay in the countryside. Teaching her children at home, Isabelle Durras hires Carl-Stéphane Kursdedt.Meeting Kursdedt, Isabelle begins to wonder if this is the life she desires.

View on the film:

Radiating beauty, Marie Dubois gives a dazzling performance as Isabelle Durras. Left to raise the children on her own as Julien works away for a year, Dubois ties Isabelle's corset with a steamy sensuality,where each of Dubois's lingering gaze and shallow breaths captures the lust that Isabelle is holding in. Arriving to the house as an outsider, Mathieu Carrière gives a great performance as Kursdedt-a strong,silent type,whose handsome looks Carrière uses to whisk a romantic mood over the movie.Spending a year in the countryside with the Durras,director Jacques Doniol-Valcroze and cinematographer Ghislain Cloquet make the movie look like a living painting,where watercolour brushstrokes across the landscape are painted with ruby shadows over the forbidden love.

Undressing Isabelle and Kursdedts romance, Valcroze and editor Sophie Bhaud stylishly get under their skin with glittering, brooding wide shots brimming with passion,and expertly timed editing bringing a sex scene of imagination into reality. Bringing Simone Ratel's novel in from the fields,the screenplay by Anne Tromelin entwines the film with an enticing,earthy atmosphere,which becomes extremely strong as Isabelle & Kursdedt try to keep their love hidden. Tasting the forbidden fruit, Tromelin wraps the title in a rich melancholy silk torn with a firm grip over Isabelle going on a new path,or staying at the house of the Bories.

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