The Hunter


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

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Reviewed by areatw 5 / 10

Completely loses its way

'The Hunter' is a film that can't decide what it wants to be. What starts off as a promising adventure soon meanders into a tiresome family drama with thriller elements. This film had potential and would have been a lot better if it had focused on the search for the tiger. Instead, there are parts of 'The Hunter' where the hunt feels like a subplot.

I would have much preferred an hour an a half of a tense, exciting outdoor adventure than the tedious and inconsequential drama that 'The Hunter' becomes. It tries too hard to do too much and the end result is a frustrating film with an unsatisfying ending. The spectacular Tasmanian scenery is by far the best part of this film - a welcome distraction from the disappointing plot that unfolds.

Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 8 / 10

Tasmanian landscape

I've been waiting for a long time a opportunity to see this movie,firstly on DVD and next an expensive Blu-ray,neither came on Netflix finally l saw so waited picture...and how good it was...a quiet movie, letting the Tasmanian landscape speak for itself.....Willem Dafoe in unusual leading role play the Hunter who has a hard mission to track down a legend of the Tasmanian Tiger ( that no longer exist, already state as extinct race ) but which the real proposition of the movies anyway??? let's he finally find a Tiger (that is actually is a wolf relative) and has a unexpected redemption at last...even l don't agree with so sad conclusion the movie is really great!!!


First watch: 2017 / How many: 1 / Source: Netflix / Rating: 8.5

Reviewed by Alyssa Black (Aly200) 7 / 10

Beautiful cinematography and a gripping story-line

This little known Australian-American film has pretty much flown under the radar which is a shame as "The Hunter" is a good film that deserves a wider audience.

The plot follows a hired gun (pun intended), Martin David, who is sent by a mysterious university to track down and gather evidence of the supposedly extinct Tasmanian tiger. Martin heads off to rural Tasmania where he boards with a young mother and her two children, who happen to be awaiting the overdue return of the family patriarch (a plot element that plays a key part later in the film) and begins his task. However things soon become suspicious as the locals seem determined to drive the American guest out of Australia and the mission Martin is on becomes a question of why is he really there?

In the lead role of Martin is the always reliable Willem Dafoe. The actor brings a quiet reserve to the titular hunter as Martin is methodical and tactful in his modus operandi for tracking the Tasmanian tiger. However Dafoe brings out his soft side with the child actors playing the rambunctious Katie (self nicknamed 'Sass') and the silent Jaime though initially Martin is hesitant to allow the kids to be around him as he is focused on his mission. However as the narrative goes on and Martin gets to know lonely, but loving mother Lucy (Frances O'Connor) and the children, the kinder side of Martin's personality gives the film a touching and heartwarming angle to combat the more somber tones. While the film has a bittersweet climax, the final shot of Dafoe's Martin embracing the surviving son, Jaime, brings a tear to the eye after we learn the tragic fate of the rest of the family and can only wonder how these two lost souls will fare now.

Shot on location in Tasmania, the landscapes are breathtaking and also have a hauntingly lonely quality. The mountainous terrain that Willem Dafoe's Martin traverses is treacherous, but abundant in lush forestry. The sun is rarely captured on-camera, overcast clouds pervade the sky adding to the film's somber mood as we journey onward with Martin. The color palette is also quite monotonous, but laden with vibrant colors like the green leaves of the trees as well as the grass to the brown exterior of Lucy's house to low candle- lighting in the evening at the house or the bright decorations made by the children. The richness of bright color is used sparingly for the lighter scenes in the film while the darker palettes are used for the film's scenes that follow Martin on his quest in the mountains.

I think this is a film that will appeal to anyone. It's a bit serious, but does contain some heartfelt moments for the sentimental viewers.

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