The Husband She Met Online


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.9 10 366

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Meredith Monroe as Rachel Malemen
Damon Runyan as Ryan Miller
Catherine Mary Stewart as Detective Eve Millstrom
Jason Gray-Stanford as Craig Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Geeky Randy 6 / 10

Surprisingly decent for a Lifetime Movie

After breaking up with cheating boyfriend and co-worker Watson, Philadelphian hotel event planner Monroe tries online dating and meets charming businessman Gray-Stanford, who seems perfect at first but soon shows signs of being an obsessive and controlling maniac capable of murder. Surprisingly decent for a Lifetime Movie, with Monroe's few foolish missteps never causing the viewer to roll their eyes, and Gray-Stanford actually delivering some legit chills for even the most seasoned thriller-buffs. Runyan and Lake play some very interesting supporting characters, a rarity in this type of mystery, but unfortunately the movie's rushed ending don't do their roles justice.

**½ (out of four)

Reviewed by wes-connors 4 / 10

Smart Woman, Foolish Behavior

Before the opening credits end, an ominous and unexplained grave is dug for an unknown victim. Next, we meet sharply-figured hotel "event coordinator" Meredith Monroe (as Rachel Malemen). Although she is busy, Ms. Monroe finally hooks up with "The Husband She Met Online" as predicted in the title. He turns out to be wealthy and charming, but very sneaky Jason Gray-Stanford (as Craig Miller). Too bad hard-working Monroe has no time to watch "Lifetime" TV Movies, or she world recognize Mr. Gray-Stanford's type immediately. He turns out to be very "controlling." Also involved is Gray-Stanford's mysterious brother Damon Runyan (as Ryan Miller) and their real estate tycoon mom Mimi Kuzyk (as Doris Miller). This TV Movie is no bore, but both the lead character and viewer are way too hip for the script.

**** The Husband She Met Online (10/26/13) Curtis Crawford ~ Meredith Monroe, Jason Gray-Stanford, Damon Runyan, Mimi Kuzyk

Reviewed by texasjetman 7 / 10

This Movie Needs to be watched and given credit for this plot and details

Well, after reading the other three reviews I had to say, that this movie was very well written for the parts portrayed, very well acted for the most parts and the story was followed very well, I am quite shocked it did not receive a better review when released but that often more than not is timing and how much money they have to promote and produce it, I hate to also bring that to the attention to details, please never skimp on details as this movie did quite well in details the burial plot at the beginning leaves us wondering what is going on for awhile but then is denoted by detectives, If you are going to say in the movie that your are taking the companies private jet, do NOT refer to a Falcon Jet as a Learjet, the companies Learjet would no only not make the trip to Greece without fuel starvation, the Falcon Jet you actually depicted in the movie could very well make the trip, Just something experts in the industry will see and note that if you are going to make a movie make it right, The acting was done well, the extra's and casting for extras also done quite well in my opinion, the movie needs to be given more of a rating that its now given.

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