The Ice Road


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 22198

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Liam Neeson as Mike
Mike Vaughn as Additional Voices
Chad Bruce as Shift Super Mankins
Adam Hurtig as Fred Ford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ThomDerd 6 / 10

Liam Cage vs Nick Neeson.

Not sure who is my favorite from the 2. But both seem to love the 1-man-show kind of films which have absurd and nonsensical stories.

The Ice Road is...just another Liam Neeson movie. Obviously Nick Cage would have liked to be in this one, but Liam got there first.

Realism went for vacation here. Trucks and truckers after having seen this film are probably furious with these completely wrong and unbelievable scenes.

But, that's the Hollywood magic.

So folks this ain't a documentary but an action film set in cold Canada involving trucks, mines, bad people and ice roads.

In fact, it's an enjoyable action flick.

It needs to be seen with the right amount of patience, to go through all the silly dialogue moments and the unreal truck scenes.

Maybe the cinema experience helps too.

So, switch off and you might actually enjoy it.


Reviewed by clanhellekson 5 / 10


Cheerio from my local. A solid 5 - probably a bit generous, but c'mon - it's Liam!

A mine collapse trapping miners. An evil mining company ran by evil white guys. An evil insurance guy (also white of course). The heroes; A plucky, young Native American female, and Liam Neeson, who is devoted to his mentally challenged PTSD brother in a race against time to deliver a wellhead, which will save the trapped miners.

We know immediately, that a truck is going through the ice and the miners are going to be saved. The rest of the B-flick nonsense is filled with sabotage, dummy gun battles by mysterious company men on snowmobiles and in black trucks.

It's all mindless Netflix B-Movie nonsense. Liam used to be an Actor of some respect...he's headed down the Cage and Willis road.

Cheap thrills and cartoon bad guys. Sure, put your brain on hold and enjoy sure seems a lot of movies as of late require that you simply forget you're an intelligent person (looking at you Shadow in the Cloud).

It's getting old.


Reviewed by nkknrc 1 / 10

I signed up just to say how awful this was

I would rather fall through the ice than watch this again.

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