The Illiterate One

1961 [SPANISH]


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Cantinflas as Inocencio Prieto y Calvo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10

Like all the other Cantanflas movies I've seen recently--quite enjoyable.

I've seen several of Cantanflas' movies lately and have enjoyed them very much--and "The Illiterate One" is certainly no exception. However, I must say that in many ways this film is less funny but more story-focused than the other films I have seen. This is NOT a bad thing--it's still a sweet and enjoyable film.

When the film begins, some lawyers are sending a letter to a man to tell him he's inherited two million pesos. However, the recipient (Cantanflas) is illiterate and cannot read the letter. Instead, it spurs him to do something about this and he enrolls in school--and soon forgets all about this letter. Through the course of the film he obtains a good job, meets and falls in love with a lady, foils bank robbery and is arrested and almost sent to prison! And all during this time, you cannot help root for the guy because he's a decent and very likable person.

As I say above, this particular film seems to rely less on jokes and funny situations and more on the story and character. As a result, there is a great depth and greater pleasure from watching it. While not brilliant, it's great family entertainment...providing those who are forced to use the subtitles can read!

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

A good-feeling and friendly illiterate man sometimes resorting to wordly solutions to problems

Nice and entertaining farce upon the sympathetic Cantinflas as an illiterate cleaner with good intentions who works at an office where is deceived by the clerks . Cantinflas recital in which he usually wears his baggy pants, his two-piece mustache and talks nonsensical sentences . Dealing with a man who cannot read or write is given a letter that says he is the inheritor of two million pesos, which begins off a series of diverting and twisted events . Along the way our friend Cantinflas falls for a young woman : Lilia Prado , makes good acts , helping people , fine assistance , and clashes repeatedly with the usual villain : Carlos Agusti who has ambitious plans . Here Cantinflas is simply the coolest illiterate one eacher ever !

Good-natured and warmhearted Cantinflas comedy , here playing an atypical and likeable cleaner . A gentle, satisfying and agreeable comedy with a lot of humorous, enjoyable sketches about an unconventional illiterate man who delivers teachings , goodness , help and happiness . He is a sui-generis handy man at an office with virtues and shortcomings , but above all , a complete human being . Of course , Cantinflas using his comedy routine consisting of engaging in drawn-out, nonsensical chatter , as well as his physical aspect as two-piece mustache with wide, clean-shaven gap in the middle. The attractive plot is similar to another successful Cantinflas film ¨El Portero (1950)¨, as a hand man who cleans the building, sweeps, makes botched works and all kinds of activities . ¨El analfabeto (1961) is the hilarious all new adventure of that imprudent , impish , impossible droll role magnificently played by the splendid Cantinflas. Most laughs are supposed to come from watching the especial handy man do such outrageous things and organizing peculiar tricks to get his attractive purports , while concerning his various works , love , and education. This is a successful , though overlong satire, and in my opinion it results one on the best Mario Moreno Cantinflas movies . Alongside Cantinflas there appears some human and credible roles , special mention for Lilia Prado who was Luis Buñuel's regular actress including : Abismos de pasión , La Ilusion Viaja en Tranvia ,La reina del cielo, El malvado Carabel , as well as the Spanish Carlos Agostí as Licenciado Aníbal Guzmán , Antonio Garasa who played a lot along with Cantinflas and Sara Garcia , the legendary "granny of Mexican cinema" specialized in portraying mothers and grandmas, then her nickname .

This is a simple fun and exhilarating film about an unusual good guy versus a bad boy along with other adventures , romance and misfortunes shown in a mass collection of vignetttes . Cantinflas' career was very long from the Forties to Eighties . He is responsible for more than one word that is in the modern Spanish language dictionary, including the verb "Cantinflear", which roughly means to talk a lot but say nothing of substance. Cantinflas represents the humble Mexican who wants to overcome himself and accomplish something in life. His fruitful career Cantinflas performed good-tempered and kind people , mostly low-class characters .In 1936 Cantinflas made his first "film," a two-reel advertisement for a trucking company. A year later, he appeared in his first movie for the nascent Mexican film industry, "Asi Es Mi Tierra" : "That's My Country" . Equally , he played motley roles with all kinds of jobs, as he was street cleaner , a teacher , a doctor, an actor , an extra , a scientist , a clown, a fireman , a porter , an elevador operador, a photographer , a prospector , cowboy , a student , Hotel manager , an Ambassador , Bellboy , a police officer , magician , a priest , among others . These roles to be interpreted in films as El Profe , Bombero Atómico, El Supersabio, El Analfabeto, El Extra , Sube Y Baja , El Conserje , El Mago, Por Mis Pistolas , El Circo, Su excelencia, El Señor Doctor , El Señor Fotógrafo , El Patrullero, Por Mis Pistolas , and his last one : El Barrendero.

The motion picture was competently directed by Miguel Maria Delgado in his usual style , and he was Cantinflas' ordinary filmmaker . Delgado directed him in a lot of movies as El señor doctor, El patrullero 777, El profe, Por mis pistolas, El supersabio, Gran hotel, El señor fotografo, Los tres mosqueteros, El Gendarme desconocido, among others. Rating 6.5/10. The picture will appeal to Cantinflas fansRating : 7/10. Above average Cantinflas movie . A childhood favorite , appointed to tremendous fans of the great Cantinflas. Essential and indispensable seeing .

Reviewed by crossbow0106 7 / 10

A Very Watcable "Innocent" Film

This story is about Innocencio, played by Catinflas, who cannot read or write. He receives a letter and vows not to read it until he can read or write. The letter states he was to inherit two million pesos due to a deceased uncle, but Innocencio does not know this. In the interim, Innocencio gets a maintenance job at the local bank due to his being honest and also meets Blanca, played by the pretty Lilia Prado, who works as a maid for the rich people in town. They fall in love. By mistakenly dropping the letter he has not read yet, a few unscrupulous bank co-workers look to steal the money he is right to inherit. The draws to this film include the chemistry between Catinflas and Lilia Prado, as well as the general good versus evil theme which is part of the story. While not a great film, its a pleasant light comedy with very likable characters. I recommend it for that, as well as to see Catinflas and Lilia Prado together, who were both very popular actors in Mexican cinema for some time.

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