The Immortalizer

1989 [FRENCH]

Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 260

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Elmarie Wendel as Agnes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by udar55 3 / 10

Hard to find for a reason

THE IMMORTALIZER was, uh, interesting. It certainly didn't kill me during its hour and a half duration, but it didn't impress me much either. A group of kids are abducted in an alley by musclehead mutants (in a scene featuring cinema's least convincing head crushing sound effect) and taken to a fancy house in the suburbs. Here Dr. Divine and his team are performing brain transplants for his rich old patients so they can have young bodies again. Hey, this was quietly remade with a big budget a few years later as FREEJACK! Who knew that when you transplant an old person's brain into a different body that their new voice will sound exactly like their old voice? With all this talk of pineal glands and the use of a glowing green serum, you can almost see visions of FROM BEYOND and RE-ANIMATOR dancing in the producers' heads. But the production literally doesn't have the guts to pull it off. I've never understood why, when someone is making a low budget horror film, that they don't pack it to the edge of the frame with gore. The acting is uniformly terrible, with the only good performance coming from Clarke Lindsley as the assistant Dr. Price. He has a nice evil laugh. The only other thing of note about THE IMMORTALIZER is that it features lots of old people doing their own stunts. Seriously, most of the cast takes some serious bumps for old folks.

Reviewed by jameselliot-1 1 / 10

Waste of film

I just saw this movie on Flix after timer-taping it. I grew up watching F Troop and had a major hard for Wrangler Jane so I was shocked, literally shocked, to find out after seeing this film that the degenerate homicidal nurse was Melody Patterson, who looks pretty good but also looks completely different and is unfortunately poorly photographed. I would never have guessed it was her in a million years. What the hell is she doing in a picture like this? I agree with the guys here that the movie lacks what it's pushing. No sex, no gore, no tease. It's also a remake of the Atomic Brain aka Monstrosity (1964 or thereabouts). Most of the action is tedious; the main character spends enormous amounts of time running around the crazed doctor's house and basement, and the neighborhood in general, or being roughed up by the cop, all of it boring and time-filling. Now if the Italians would have made this, half the film would have been the Slingblade/Uncle Ernest/Jack Elam henchman fondling the unconscious nude girls. But you only get that for 20 seconds.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Exercise in effects

This low-budget exploitation oddity is a bit better than you might expect, thanks to a glossy sheen on the surface which belies the rather small amount of money which was spent making it. Although it may not be original or particularly complex, the film's main focus are the many gore effects on view here, and it does not disappoint. Indeed, strong stomachs are required for the many graphic images shown in the camera's unflinching view.

While the bad points are obvious (poor script, stupid comedy, over the top acting, unoriginality), there are also many things for the exploitation fan to enjoy. For a start we have some exceptionally poor acting which harks back to those old, classic days of the Italian zombie really deserves to be dubbed, but isn't. Most of the actors (including the baddies) seem to have been chosen for their looks rather than their acting abilities. For instance, the main hero of the film has only ever appeared in this one item, as far as I can tell. The four teenagers who make up the victims are all flawless and immaculate, the girls having been plucked from a centrefold spread rather than a drama school. The mad doctor of the title is an overweight old man who lacks personality. I mean, Jeffrey Combs had his own unique kookiness, while other mad scientists just went for effective over the top mania. This guy is relatively harmless. All acting is amateurish and in some cases painfully bad to watch.

The music looks to have been composed on a synthesiser. The plot, what little of it there is, has been ripped from many other films. Indeed, the genre fan can reel off a list of film titles that THE IMMORTALIZER borrows from, a list including such classics as RE-ANIMATOR and DAY OF THE DEAD to other oddities like THE CORPSE GRINDERS, ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST, and DEATH WARMED UP. The much-hyped nudity is minimal as well, which leaves us only the gore to deal with.

The special effects are surprisingly good. From the brain transplants - realistic and sick-looking - to the sight of people being ground into mincemeat, they are easily entertaining. The flesh munching zombies are quite funny while being imposing as well, although they appeal to the lowest common denominator - loud, brain dead, and ridiculous. There are quite a few death scenes which mainly involve impaling and some bad '80s computer effects of someone being electrocuted. These violent bits serve to pad out the film's short running time and definitely make things a bit painless. THE IMMORTALIZER may not be good, but at least it's not shy in showing us the effects.

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