The InBetween


Crime / Drama / Fantasy

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Molly C. Quinn as Andrea Squire 1 episode, 2019
Bradley Stryker as Bruno Legato 1 episode, 2019
Jennifer Copping as Denise Tennant 1 episode, 2019
Garrett M. Brown as Abigail's Grandfather 1 episode, 2019
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

standard network show

Cassie Bedford (Harriet Dyer) has the ability to communicate with the dead. The spirit world haunts her. She helps her foster father, Seattle police detective Tom Hackett (Paul Blackthorne), in his cases. Former FBI Agent Damien Asante from L.A. is his new partner.

I really like the villain in the first season. It's too bad that he is 'killed' off in the finale. The show gets canceled anyways, so no big lost. It's a standard network ghost/police procedural. I never got into Medium or Ghost Whisperer but I like this show. Its biggest drawback is the probably the lead. I like the actress but she's a thirty year old unknown. She's not the usual hot skinny twentysomething for this type of show. I like her presence which seems to suggest a difficult life. There is a fitting hardness to her but not too hard. She doesn't squeal at every jump scare like a little girl. I like the character calibrations. The show didn't really drop off but it started at a low level as a summer replacement.

Reviewed by cjonesas 8 / 10

A beautiful series worth watching!

Though with an old and already used idea, they managed to create a beautiful, fresh and unique in its own genre series.

The atmosphere is there, the acting by the lead actress is good and believable enough and the special effects are especially well-made.

The supporting cast does a good job in each episode.

I guess every viewer was awaiting news to a season 2, but as usually happens with series with a lot of potential, the network did a poor calculation, probably only based on viewers numbers and decided that was it!

Reviewed by s3276169 6 / 10

Not Medium but not bad......

Medium set the standard for supernatural psychic crime drama's. The InBetween walks a similar path but its simply not as polished or sophisticated.

That's ok though because this series is robust enough in terms of story telling, choice of cast and characters, to still offer up a watchable experience.

Where it comes up short at times, is it can be a little cloyingly poltically correct and a little superficial.

Still not a bad effort for those of us who miss Medium. 6/10 from me.

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