The Incredible Jessica James



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 6397

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Chris O'Dowd as Boone
Zabryna Guevara as Mrs. Phillips
Noël Wells as Tasha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by farleym-19442 5 / 10

A let down.

I was excited to learn of this movies existence because I have a major crush on Jessica Williams and have eaten up every performance of Chris O'Doud I can find. A major disappointment. Why would anyone fall for Jessica James? She is ill mannered and not at all warm. O'Doud character had little depth. All in all it went nowhere and it wasn't a lot of fun not getting there.

Reviewed by gareth-25428 3 / 10

Perpetual selfishness

A few funny lines, one heart warming moment, and a ton of awkwardly fake sounding forced scenarios... a selfish girl learns to go through life and ends the movie learning to continue being selfish to her the new guy that is falling for her. I don't see the reason this movie was made.

Reviewed by leahvanvaerenewyck-90204 3 / 10

Bad writing, stiff acting

This movie needs to be better for the sake of women, artists, and people off color. The only funny thing about this "comedy" is Chris O'Dowd. The woman who plays Jessica has zero emotional range and seems like a caricature of black woman (please, please, please don't say "dope"). She comes across as a complete inconsiderate idiot in the opening credits when she drops some other guy's laundry on the floor while dancing through the halls, and literally asks about no other person's life in the entire film. She uses her sister's baby shower as an excuse to ridicule people who live their lives differently than her. She explains that she likes "dialogue driven" work that explores the human condition and rags on Cats, but her actual "play" in the movie is a ridiculous reworking of a small child's broken birthday. So small and pathetic. Women writers do so much more and this is a mockery of female art... because the whole movie was written by a man who doesn't know better.

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