The Informers


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Amber Heard as Christie
Winona Ryder as Cheryl Moore
Jessica Stroup as Rachel
Kim Basinger as Laura Sloan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by beckeriffic 9 / 10

A misunderstood film

Firstly, I'm shocked by the amount of negative reviews I've seen for this film. It seems as though everyone has missed the point entirely.

THIS FILM IS A SATIRE. So saying it's a glorification of sex, drugs, and decadence is absurd.

Second of all, this film is not about plot - it's a character study.

Yes, this is a film about the selfish, narcissistic L.A. scene and the people who inhabit it. And no, this film is not attempting to glorify the lifestyle these characters lead. The film is a warning, a modern morality tale. This film could have just as easily been set in ancient Rome. In the book, it's clear that Christie is HIV positive, and of course, the implication is that everyone she's slept with, as well as everyone that has slept with everyone she has is positive as well. Hardly a glorification of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Everyone in this film is lonely, desperate, and lost and will most likely soon be dead. A sequel to this film would depict the characters are wasting away from AIDS in their expensive private hospital rooms. Nothing good comes from the way these characters act, so how can this be a glorification?

Ellis, like in American Psycho and Gramorama, is not trying to glamorize this lifestyle, he's attempting to satirize and criticize the people it creates. I'm frankly surprised that all can't see that. And The Informers does this very well. It shows us people that are difficult to like and even easier to hate. Towards the end of the film, the viewer isn't sure if these characters are to be pitied or laughed at. We're not sure if we should be appalled or fascinated. And that's the point. The Informers" is not a film about "sex, drugs, and rock and roll, European-style" (as an actor who plays Graham from the movie so eloquently puts it in the commentary). Rather, it's a film about beautiful people doing awful things. Why? To hi-light the moral decay that exists in our culture. To shock us into change. Bret Easton Ellis, a self-professed "moralist", is making a statement; beauty is only skin-deep and decadence will lead to your downfall.

Also, despite the social commentary, this is one hell of a beautiful film.

Perhaps what is so disturbing for people and why this film is so harshly criticized is because of what it does. It holds a mirror up to the viewer and you won't necessarily like what you see. There are no heroes in this film. Only moral decay, desperation, apathy. People who lack in a moral compass and need guidance. There is no catharsis and no "happy ending." There is no resolution. You are only left with your thoughts.

At its heart, this interlocking web of shorts is really about the complex and fragile dynamics between fathers and sons. As the actor who plays Tim says it's a "relationship piece" and I agree.

Now, that said, being a big fan of Ellis' work myself, this film disappoints as the "adaptation" it claims to be. For one thing, in the book, Bryan Metro is a vampire, and there is no suggestion of this in the film. Also, the film downplays the effect of AIDS on the characters, which is of course the main "concequence" of these character's grotesquely decadent lifestyles. In the film, it is implied that Christie is dying of AIDS, while in the book it is made clear. arguably the antagonist, its her decadence that brings about the demise of everyone around her.

Perhaps it's this line that encapsulates the film in a way; "you can't make it in this town unless you're really willing to do some awful things. And you know, I'm willing." And this is the beauty of film. WE would never do such things, but it's thrilling to watch these "fake" people on screen do them.

The irony - a common device in Ellis' work - is how these beautiful people are doing awful things to each other. It's interesting that the director said that for this film he was inspired by Italian movies from the 1970s, depicting beautiful people in terrible situations. The themes of decadence, hedonism and the price of that lifestyle fit well with the ominous soundtrack and dark tone the film used.

"The Informers" is more than another 80s noir period film with a killer soundtrack featuring beautiful naked young people doing drugs. That is the surface of this film. The purpose, the "message" dare I say, goes far deeper than that and is based on how you choose to interpret this film and the book it is based on. We are not meant to laugh at these people, despite how lost and clueless they are, we're meant to pity them, and loathe the parents who made them the way they are. As Graham tearfully explains to Martin, he needs someone to tell him "what's good and what's bad" and asks how he's supposed to know if no one ever told him.

On the surface, The Informers is a fascinating film on its own merit. It falls short as a successful adaptation of Ellis' book, though.

Reviewed by zeppelinfan777 6 / 10

I have to give this movie some credit

First let me start off by saying that I am a fan of the book, which is now one of my favorite books. So I was very excited about the movie. I honestly liked the movie. I do not think that it is a great movie or worthy of anything, but its not horrible, like everyone else thinks it is.

I'm not sure if people hate on this movie because they think the acting sucks, or because they think there is no plot line. I can agree on both parts. One, there were certain actors in this movie whose acting was simply bad. But then there were others, such as Kim Basinger, Winona Ryder, Mickey Rourke, Jon Foster, Mel Raido, who played Bryan Metro, who all rocked. Two, there were aspects in the book that could have made the movie better, such as not taking Jamie the vampire completely out of the movie and a much better ending. But the other thing to remember is that this is not the book, its a movie based off of the book and for what they used in the movie is pretty accurate. My advice would be to read the book before seeing the movie. In doing so, I think the movie brought the characters from the book to life.

I also feel that another reason why people didn't like this movie is because all of the supernatural elements were taken out. I will gladly admit that I would have loved for there to have been vampires and aliens in this movie.

And lastly, and this is the main reason why I think people hate this movie or just don't get it, The Informers is about scummy people in the early 80's in Los Angeles and focuses on how they are all connected in some way. THAT'S IT. And the movie portrays it perfectly in my opinion. There isn't much else that you could do with the movie when that's all the story is about. People also need to know ahead of time that you are not going to like these people either, minus the select few who are not entirely heartless. Honestly, it's a good, gritty story.

If you are like me and you like movies about sex, drugs, the 80's, Los Angeles, and greed, then this movie is worth seeing. I feel that this movie is a documentary on the 80's. You want 80's, this movie delivers 80's. Granted the movie wont beat out the book, the movie is still good.

Reviewed by sir-richard-1 7 / 10

I think many missed the point (spoliers!)

Hey all, I read many comments and I think a lot of you missed the point.

Yes the ending was sudden...very! But you need to look at the time this was filmed. Whilst I cant tie every major role in with my goes: This was filmed at the time when AIDS was unknowingly ripping through various populations. They make reference to it at the start of the film with a news clip in the background and the rash - which ties in with the woman at the end of the film.

The woman on the beach at the end of the movie had AIDS - that much is clear. The rapid ending represented not only her likely rapid departure, but a twisted entry into the fact that while the movie was ending, the problem was just beginning for many other characters in the movie.

That woman is the key, because if you back-track through all the sexual relations in the film (who slept with whom), you will quickly understand that she was the key to spreading AIDS to many of the main characters. The whole point of the movie was that it was a tragedy - here she was dying, and a dozen or so others were also inflicted but didn't know it because little was known of AIDS at the time, and they were all separated by degrees of separation - other than sleeping with her or someone who slept with her.

The blond spiky haired guy she shared a bed with - he gave it to Bassinger's character as he was sleeping with her. Bassinger gave it to her (sort of) ex-husband because although they didn't sleep with each other, she injected him with a syringe (ie Im assuming one she recently used as she seemed to have it on hand!) near the end.

The blonde woman also probably gave it to the guy that really liked her and was sharing the bed with the spiky haired guy and the blonde infected woman. And so on, and so on.

Watch the film in that light, and you quickly realize that the intertwining of many (maybe not all) of the stories and characters was around the passing on of AIDS and there was silent deadly link between many of them.

Im not sure about the video star - Id have to watch it again to see if he had a link back to someone likely carrying the virus. If he did, it was interesting that he had this thing about sleeping with young people....and its possible the young girl who appears to have been abducted by the child stealing guy is one of the young women the star slept with, so he was tied up in it too.

I am not sure how the man and his son in Hawaii fits in.

Well, thats my theory!

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