The Innocents


Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 532

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

Kids ... playing

There are certain things that are just plain horrible. But not far removed from ... reality. I mean characters - or how certain kids act and react. Testing things out - doing stuff that can be considered evil by any moral compass and code.

Having said that, this takes this evil to another level. Not to mention that the movie is ... quite fantastical. There are things here - that kids fantasize about ... but never really happen (at least not in our universe). The kids are not all alright ... but they are phenomenal when it comes to the acting. Which is pivotal, considering they are the main actors here. Beautifully shot, edited and a really good sound design, help the movie to reach and hold the viewers attention ... and then some. Certain scenes may be too graphic - but also quite a punch in the gut for some viewers. The movie is relentless ... and does not hold back ...

Reviewed by FilmFlowCritics 7 / 10

Something VERY different!

Are you tired of the conventional "horror/thriller" movies? Then this one might be for you. It is by no means scary at any time, but it surely pushes the boundaries of what you expect to see in a movie, where children are the lead characters, this might upset your stomach at times, but this provocative choice is by design.

The supernatural/abnormal aspects are never fully explained though, which shouldnt be an issue in a fantasy scifi genre, but at least a small attempt towards some concept justification would have been desired. Still a very gripping film to watch, which could have been 20mins shorter to get a better score!

Reviewed by lars-16842 6 / 10

Creepy story with great child actors!

First of all I want to say bravo to the child actors. They took me on a rollercoaster of feelings. Looking forward to see their progress in the future.

Movie was watched as a pre release in Bergen KP12 31th of august 2021.

Spoiler alert: The mindcontrol jedi-shit really broke the story for me. I never saw that coming and it made the movie less "evil" as it progressed.

When the kids threw the cat down the stairs, I hoped they would focus on a destructive path of child psychopaths in the real world. By connecting the dots on how society have some lost souls that do evil as a cry for help.

I know the symbolic "take over" of a loving mother that suddenly kills her own daughter, is a way to show crazyness that some psychos have. And it raises the question for Ida; could my parents kill me? But it was confusing since the mother cried a lot without telling her story.

The ending was really predictable and focused on making the big sister with authism as the "hero" who killed evil... It would be more dramatic if they had a knife-fight right in front of all the adults and children at the playground.

Short summary; This film is a story about moving to a new place, with children killing other children using jedi forces. Pretty strange combination.

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