The Invisible Witness

2018 [ITALIAN]


IMDb Rating 6.5 10 1035

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamescourage-971-56743 7 / 10

Great plane movie

Watched this on a long plane flight - well constructed and enjoyed the acting and process. It was more rewarding than many a 'who done it' with some interesting twists. OK, the guys not likeable but the ups and downs are well constructed - worth seeing if it ever comes your way

Reviewed by tsimmen1868 8 / 10

An excellent crime mystery

Il testimone invisibile is a great crime mystery movie. The story starts with a traffic accident in the mountains that has unexpected, tragic consequences for an important business tycoon from Milano. He spends the evening discussing the trial strategy with his female lawyer. There are lots of surprises along the way that keep you guessing until the end. The acting is superb. Apparently, this is a remake of a Spanish movie, which some reviewers think is better. Maybe that's the case, but my 8* review is for this movie and anyways, remakes are done all the time, so it is no big deal this is another.

Reviewed by marco-b-737-696911 3 / 10

100% plagiarism

I saw this movie and I gave it 8 stars. Then, out of simple curiosity I wanted to see the Spanish original, Contratiempo. It is a total shame: the Italian film is slavishly copied scene after scene from the original... In all the smallest details, in the angle of the shots... Making a movie like this doesn't make any sense. So I went back to the site to change my review: a complete plagiarism!

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