The Jack in the Box: Awakening



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10

seems like seven is a lucky number...

In this british jack the box horror flick, written and directed by mr fowler that has fumbled a whole lot on the plot speed, the filmographic brightness gives vibes of 1980's bbc studio tv theater, but thats merely it on the downside.

Its quite good acted, small cast,good screaming, enerving score and sound effects and few sets, light and shadow work are impeccable, and the jack in the box is quite enerving and well acted and styled non-vfx/cgi, the horror segments makes you feel quite uncomfortable and there are a pretty lot of them throughout the screening, so if your nerves are bleeched and your heart faintful, then a small warning to you.

So if you have a tendency towards jacks in a box stories with an alternative clutch on the straw then this might be IT. Of course you couldve written a better screenplay than this you might think, but the grumpy old man , who has shown quite some grit towards british low budget horrorfilmaking may give a recommend to this one.

Reviewed by alwatts 2 / 10

Sack the scripwriters

Hey for a short moment I thought this might not be too bad even though the female leads accents amost drove me insane (then a gain they must have as I watched all the movie) no phones. No wyfi, no computer no internet nowonder the staff were having it off. Ok no phone well we have a Doctor turn up to treat one of the staff (called by yje owner using a phone they dont have then the Dr hand her his card and tells her to call him anytime. Girlfriend of the owners car just dissapears as does the doctors hell why go on its a c grade at best Al Watts.

Reviewed by IsaacLawrenceFilms 7 / 10

A good improvement

The first film was a well-shot, but fairly run-of-the-mill direct-to-video horror. The production value was good for the budgetary constraints, but overall, the story was generic and felt a little padded.

'The Jack in the Box: Awakening' is certainly an improvement. We begin with what seems like a basic horror film setup, but the film surprised me by showing a surprisingly large amount of the story through (one of) the villain's perspective. It's very clever from an emotional standpoint and the acting was actually really good from everyone, but Matt McClure as Edgar is definitely the standout.

So the story, is actually quite well-done, and while there is a somewhat overlong exposition scene, it's more about the emotional journey than it is all the backstory of the demon. There are some very effective sequences of tension building too, often involving lights, which sounds very rudimentary on paper, but, trust me, it's used to good effect here.

I only wish they hadn't shied away on many of the kills though: a disappointing amount of them happen off-screen, which is okay for a few times and I know suspense is more effective than gore, but it is a slasher and I would have like to have seen a little more pay-off with the deaths.

I would recommend this for low-budget horror fans. Aside from being just a little overlong, it's a fairly uniquely-told story with good production value (the locations are gorgeous), well-done cinematography and some decent suspense and scares. Lawrence Fowler has clearly grown as a writer and director and you won't be lost if you skip the original film. I wish the creators the best luck in their future endeavours.

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