The Jacket


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 106597

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Daniel Craig as Rudy Mackenzie
Keira Knightley as Jackie Price
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Dr. Beth Lorenson
Adrien Brody as Jack Starks
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1 hr 43 min
P/S 7 / 39

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by caneryilmaz34 9 / 10


When I was looking at old movies, I saw, and I said how didn't I watch this movie. It's really a great movie. Still not late, watch it.

Reviewed by peteroravecz-99823 6 / 10

Had potential, but did not grow up to the challenge

I've watched this movie out of desperation, as I've found nothing better I haven't seen before.

While it starts off boring, slowly it starts to get better, still fails to redeem itself. It was released in 2005, and I suspect it did not age well. There have been better thrillers about similar things - even before (like The Butterfly Effect or Frequency).

The main problem is that this movie is not smart, the main character does nothing to change his own fate (which he inadvertently does just to make the movie more cliché), and does not even think about what is happening. I did not feel challenged to think, there were no surprises or brilliant ideas that the genre would demand.

Adrien Brody does some very poor one-sided acting here and there, which I assume is fan service. The supporting actors are much more interesting, and deliver layered performances.

The music, script and directing, meh, all mediocre. The special effects are not bad for the time, but they serve no real purpose.

This could have been so much more if it dares to be philosophically challenging.

Reviewed by blanche-2 8 / 10

not for claustrophobics

I have a feeling since winning an Oscar in 2002, Adrien Brody has been a little disappointed in his career trajectory. Bad choices, bad management? Or it may be that he wants to do unusual films. Who knows?

"The Jacket" from 2005 is a very good film, however, which also stars Keira Knightley, Kris Kristofferson, and Jennifer Jason-Leigh. Brody is Jack Starks, who served in Iraq and is killed, except as they're about to put him in the freezer, he blinks.

After a long recovery, he is out on his own and hitches a ride with someone. When they are stopped by the police for driving too slowly, the man kills the cop and Jack is injured. The man cleans his gun and throws it in Jack's direction. Then he takes off. Unfortunately, when Jack recovers, he doesn't remember anything about the accident. All he remembers is that he helped fix the truck belonging to a drunken woman, who was with her little girl. No one believes him.

After a trial, he is found not guilty by reason of insanity and placed in a mental institution. There, he is given an experimental treatment (that actually was banned in the '70s) and overmedicated. During the treatments, he remembers things from his past...and also is able to go into the future, where he learns something disturbing.

Really good film, part thriller/part drama, based on a 1913 book by Jack London which actually had to do with the prison system. Brody is sympathetic as a good man caught in traumatic and unspeakable circumstances. Knightley, as a bitter waitress who drinks, is excellent, as are Kristofferson and Leigh as doctors, one cold and clinical and one concerned and empathetic.

One more thing that knocked me for a loop. One of the men in the institution, Rudy MacKenzie, drove me crazy. Black hair, American, not great skin, fast talker, and clearly unstable. He looked SO familiar to me, yet I couldn't place him. I thought, this guy is someone famous but I don't know where I've seen him. I can guarantee you won't either. And as it happens, this is the second time I've seen him in something where I didn't recognize him at first. I didn't look at the cast list ahead of time. Don't do it and see if you can figure it out.

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