The Killer Is Still Among Us

1986 [ITALIAN]

Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 267

Keywords:   serial killer, italy, whodunit

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 9 / 10

Truly disturbing and sickening giallo. **Spoiler**

Along with "Giallo a Venezia"(1979,Mario Landi)and "The New York Ripper"(1982,Lucio Fulci)this is possibly the nastiest Italian giallo ever made.It is based on the still unsolved series of murders in Florence and that lack of closure makes its over-the-top sexual violence all the more unsettling.A criminology student named Christina Marelli decides to write her thesis about a mysterious serial killer terrorizing couples in lover's lane.As she starts searching around she gets obscene phone calls.Is the killer her boyfriend Alex or maybe someone else?This forgotten Italian giallo is truly shocking.The scenes of sexual violence and mutilations are extremely well-done(brilliant special effects by Roberto Pace)and disturbing.A young couple is murdered in a tent.The boy has his throat cut open,while the girl is shot several times.The killer then slowly slices off her right nipple and cuts apart her vagina in close-up.This sequence is so graphic and sick that I almost threw up during it.The film is also suspenseful and bizarre in some scenes(check out the Devil's Bar moments)."The Killer Is Still Among Us" is certainly not for everybody,but if you like extreme cinema give this one a look.Highly recommended.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 4 / 10

An admittedly nasty, but also rather dull giallo.

Based on a spate of unsolved, real-life murders in Florence, The Killer Is Still Among Us is a mid-80s giallo that lacks the intricate plot, stylish direction and stunning cinematography that is typical of the genre, but which compensates somewhat with a nastier, more misogynistic tone than usual and a final scene of sickening sexual violence designed to ensure the film a certain level of notoriety.

Exploitative elements aside, the film is a rather unremarkable effort that offers very little in the way of suspense and far too much boring exposition. For the first hour or so, the sex and violence is kept to a minimum, the thrust of the film being criminologist student Christiana Marelli's dull investigation of the murders and her growing suspicion of boyfriend Doctor Alex—all of which is very uninteresting.

During the course of her enquiries, Christiana crosses paths with a group of voyeurs, which widens the pool of suspects somewhat, but none of this is of much consequence: the film's raison d'être is clearly the 'money shot'—the graphic mutilation of a female victim (a nauseating nipple slice and some bloody knife damage to the nether regions)—after which The Killer Is Still Among Us closes without resolution, the open ending claiming that the film was 'made as a warning to young people and with the hope that it will be of use to law enforcement'.

Yeah, right!

Reviewed by andrabem-1 8 / 10

Fear in Florence

"L'assassino è ancora tra noi" (The killer is still among us) is a suspenseful but not conventional giallo. It is based on the true story of a killer that terrorized Florence for some decades – the victims were couples in cars, tents etc… that used the nearby Florentine hills for their rendezvous. He was known as "the Monster of Florence".

The main character is Cristiana (Mariangela D'Abbraccio), a student of criminology that is writing a thesis for her degree – she chose the "Monster of Florence" as the subject of her thesis. It seems to her that it will be an easy task – she knows an important criminologist and also the detective inspector in charge of the case, so it isn't difficult for her to investigate on her own. But some people near her try to convince her to change the subject of her thesis and Cristiana herself is not prepared for the nastiness of the crimes. She starts receiving threatening telephone calls. She decides to investigate more – her investigation leads her to the voyeurs (well-organized and informed), they like to meet in the Devil's Tavern… but as she gets to know more, Cristiana becomes afraid and mistrusts even those that are nearer her. Suddenly fear. Will the killer attack her? Who is he or she?

The film is atmospheric and there are good moments of suspense. No one has a clue who the killer might be, uncertainty prevails. "The killer is still among us" is not like the usual blockbusters where the bad is easy to recognize and the good will prevail. It could be defined as a thriller with psychological undertones, and in spite of being inspired by true events, the film is of course fantasy (there's even a bizarre element thrown into the story that left me wondering), and the story follows the honored giallo tradition - lots of red herrings or puzzling evidences (and if you let yourself be led astray by them your mind will boggle), and bits of nastiness and sex.

If you like films in which the story is told in a non-conventional way (far away from the Hollywood blockbusters), then this film is for you. I would also like to recommend a similar-themed film called the "The Monster of Florence" (Il mostro di Firenze) – it was made about the same time – the 80s -, but it's a different film – a giallo about a writer and a puzzle (the monster of Florence), and as he goes on shadows and sun mix themselves and run and run. Where?

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