The Kindred


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Peter Frechette as Brad Baxter
Julia Montgomery as Cindy Russell
Rod Steiger as Dr. Phillip Lloyd
Amanda Pays as Melissa Leftridge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 7 / 10

Meet your brother, John....

Dr. John Hollins is called to the hospital bed of his mother. She advises him to finish the science projects she started involving something what seems to be a long lost brother of Johns. When she dies, John and a few of his colleagues and friends drive up to her old house to clean up the place and to find out more about her science achievements. But, a horrible monster dwells around the place. This creature (referred to as Johns brother because it sprung out of his tissue) It's some sort of disgusting fish-creature since his "blood" contains a lot of hydrocyanine (or however that is written) John and the rest want to destroy it asap, but an old colleague of John's mother wants the creature to be his. I must admit this film was rather a pleasant surprise. Sure it stole some elements of classics like Alien and even a bit of "The island of Dr. Moreau. But overall, I didn't care much. What is original these days ? It's much better than I expected it to be. I was familiar with the earlier work of director Stephen Carpenter...I saw The Dorm that Dripped Blood and was angry for a week because I wasted time to that crap. So, in that theory, the Kindred is an improvement of 250 %. A lot of credit has to go to the actors, though. The leading role is played by David Allan Brooks. I'm not familiar with this guys career but his haircut sure is impressive. This film also stars Amanda Pays !! There, I just gave you an extra reason to see it. She's gorgeous as always and that British accent of hers makes her one of the sexiest horror females in history. I also noticed a blond babe who's face I've only seen before in Revenge of the Nerds...I don't know if that's a good thing. And I saved the best for last...Rod Steiger is in it !! This great actor, who recently deceased, plays the role of the evil scientist. He over-acts very much, but in a good way. He's great ! The part of Johns ' mother is played by Kim "Planet of the Apes" Hunter. That's a very interesting Trivia element, but her role is rather brief.

The kindred is a nice attempt to make an enjoyable over the top monster film. It's got a few major holes in the plot (like for example the chick who got killed in the road accident...she never get mentioned again and HOW did Anthony return home ???) but you'll forgive the film for it. At least I did. Enough gore to satisfy the more extravagant horror lovers too, by the way.

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 7 / 10

The Kindred

A group of geneticists gather at the home of a recently deceased scientist, Amanda Collins(vet Kim Hunter)who sent her son, John(David Allen Brooks)there to destroy all her journals and research concerning "hybridization" experiments splicing marine life with human cells. Mad scientist Dr. Phillip Lloyd(Rod Steiger in one of his crazed roles), who worked with Amanda before they had a falling out(..and who later assisted in Amanda's demise), has been experimenting with hybridization for years but hasn't achieved the results his partner had. He secretly sends in an experimental hybrid of his, Melissa(the lovely Amanda Pays)who pretends to be an admirer of Amanda's and "marine researcher" befriending John(..while secretly falling in love with him which produces a problem for Lloyd who controls her thanks to his serum and pain medication that keeps Melissa human). While the group searches for answers regarding what exactly Amanda was doing at the home, a monster underneath the floorboards has come out to terrorize several of them. Could this monster be the "Anthony" John's mother was referring to as she cried out during a bad spell when ordering him to destroy all the evidence of her work?

Fun little late 80's creature feature has a good cast and pace. It gets silly at times particularly when the monster kills one victims by exiting a watermelon! One scene has a certain character turning from human into a fish! There's a hilarious(..and ridiculous)scene where Hart(Timothy Gibbs), one of the only survivors of the monster's attacks, who escapes from the hospital after being under heavy sedation over several days knocking people out of the way as if he were a football defensive tackle. The creature is shown in all it's glory at the end in the show-stopping climax where Steiger also makes his presence known in an explosion of anger towards the group's plan to kill it.

Reviewed by poolandrews 4 / 10

John's got a half brother. Half brother, half something else. Below average late 80's 'mad scientist' horror film, pretty bad actually.

The Kindred opens to shots of a Porsche racing along a highway, it catches up with an old pick-up truck and gets held up. As it speeds past the pick-up the driver (Benjamin J.Perry as Ben Perry) shouts obscenities and honks his horn. Distracted he doesn't notice an obstruction ahead and crashes his Porsche. He is quickly freed from the wreckage and is taken to hospital. On the way the Paramedic (Randy Harrington) trying to save him suggests that he probably won't make it. Then the Ambulance is attacked and forced off the road by a van. The driver of the van, Jackson (Jim Boeke as James F.Boeke) beats the Paramedic up and steals the patient. The Ambulance driver, Harry (Charles Grueber) makes no attempt to stop him. Once the injured man has been placed into the van Jackson turns his attention to Harry whom seem to know each other. Harry asks Jackson not to hit him because he broke his jaw 'last time'. Jackson punches Harry to the floor and throws a bundle of money at him. The film then makes it perfectly clear we are in San Fransisco by showing a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sharon Raymond is woken up by a phone call for her boyfriend Dr. John Hollins (David Allen Brooks) to inform him that his Mother, Amanda (Kim Hunter) who has recently had a heart attack has regained consciousness. Hollins works for a company called the 'Geneticell Corporation' and is delighted at the news and heads off to see her. Once there she asks him to go back to his old childhood house in a small town called Shelter Cove and destroy all of her notes and experiments, especially the 'Anthony journals' which Hollins has never heard of, she also claims that he has a brother named Anthony. Back at Geneticell, Hollins talks with a Dr. Phillip Lloyd (Rod Steiger) about his Mother as they had both worked together before they had a falling out with each other, and questions him about her research and if he knows of anyone called Anthony. He claims he knows nothing. When Amanda dies after a visit from the sinister Dr. Lloyd, Hollins decides to carry out his Mothers request and try to find out who Anthony is. While paying his final respects at the funeral a woman named Melissa Leftridge (Amanda Pays) introduces herself to Hollins and says she was a big admirer of his Mothers work and research after she helped her. Because Melissa seems to know so much about his Mothers work he invites her to the house as she may possibly be able to help find some answers to various questions he has. Hollins, Sharon, Melissa and three lab assistants, Brad Baxter (Peter Frechette), Hart Phillips (Timothy Gibbs) and Cindy Russell (Julia Montgomery) plus a girl with a watermelon(!) named Nell Valentine (Bunki Z, great name what were her parents thinking!?). They get down to business straight away but find little of any interest. For some reason no one at this point thinks to look in the basement, which is just as well as there's something down there, something large, slimy and has lots of tentacles. First it kills Duke, the dog. Then it moves on to larger prey. When Hart is attacked by something in a barn Hollins decides he must destroy all traces of his Mothers work and whatever Anthony is. Jointly co-written and directed by Stepehn Carpenter and Jeffery Obrow, Carpenter also acted as cinematographer and Obrow as producer. This is a pretty poor film in my opinion. The script is credited to five(!) writers, Carpenter, Obrow, Earl Ghaffari, John Penny and Joseph Stefano and with five people working on it I'd like to think they could come up with something a little bit better and more coherent than this. Nothing is explained that well, why did Amanda create these monstrous sea creature/human hybrids? What is Dr. Lloyd's interest and his motives? Why does he steal bodies from the back of Ambulance's? Why does he have a basement full of mutants? Why do none of these so-called genetic scientists think to check the basement out? Could Melissa act more suspiciously even if she tried? Why are none of the characters given any background? Why do people keep mentioning a substance found in sea creatures called Hemocynine when 99.9% of the audience isn't going to have clue what their on about? There is also a serious lack of blood and gore, only one person dies on screen, just one! And all the scientists survive in a vomit inducingly mushy 'happy ending'. This is a horror film guys, all we want to see is the slimy monsters kill and eat people in various gory ways. The one on screen death is actually quite cool, someone has slimy tentacles inserted under their skin, in their ear and up their nose in the films only decent horror sequence. To try and up the gore quotent there is a scene where Dr. Lloyd is experimenting on a skinned animal but it only lasts for a few seconds, and in the context of the rest of the film doesn't mean a thing. Melissa also turns into a fish, don't ask. There's no nudity either, which isn't a surprise. The film looks professional enough with decent production values but is just so dull and plods along at a snails pace, we don't even get to see the giant monster in the basement until 15 odd minutes before the end which is far too little far too late, when it does make an appearance the effects are OK and that makes it even more of a shame that it wasn't used more. Overall I was very disappointed and I was expecting a lot better. A horror film with only one on screen death and only three in total, what's the world coming too?

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