The King of the Streets

2012 [CHINESE]


IMDb Rating 5 10 449

Keywords:   martial arts, street fighter

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebelox 7 / 10

Very good for a first movie.

Movie is actually excellent if you consider they are all newbies in the industry. At least from what we get here on IMDb, the director and all the main actors are newcomers. And for a first movie, the acting is quite honest and directing is not brilliant, but above average for a first movie.

The fighting scenes are pretty good, although it's not street fighting at all. It's the same styled wushu for the screen. Which works after all, but don't expect truly street fighting in a more realistic way. At least the fights look realistic enough.

Overall, the only downside for the movie is that we'd actually expect more fights. For 85 minutes or so, the plot gets lost in some dramas that are really not necessary. The two folks (fatty and his companion) are actually useless on the plot and a total waste of time.

I'd rate 6/10, but it's a very solid movie for newbies and I'd say 7/10 for an action movie.

Reviewed by markcwmcvittie 6 / 10

Better than expected

While I know this is not an A grade movie it was getting there so I'm not really being generous with the 6/10 rating.

It has lots of thrilling fight scenes and an interesting story which just lacked realism at times. The directing was well executed and the acting was excellent. The sound effects were fine as far as I remember, there were some slow motion scenes to build tension which had appropriately amplified sounds.

The film deliberately disorientates you a bit which is a good idea for a fight movie, so you're left wondering what happened but later you find out in flashback sequences.

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