The Kitchen


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 24%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 11846

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Melissa McCarthy as Kathy Brennan
Domhnall Gleeson as Gabriel O'Malley
Elisabeth Moss as Claire Walsh
Common as Gary Silvers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by belindawhite-72531 4 / 10

So hard to watch through to the end

I forced myself to watch through to the end hoping it would get better.

The characters are one dimensional and don't play to the actors strengths.

Melissa Mcarthy I am a big fan. Not an ounce of humor and plays light and fluffy mum character. Bleh.

Elizabeth Moss - also a big fan. Strong female kickass lead, plays a beaten housewife. Great actor, but really? So far from the energy she brings to the screen the character itself is so stereotyped it's exhausting.

The black lady, no idea who she is. Stunning and fierce. Also plays black lady stereotype. Yawnnnnnn.

I got to the twist at the end three hours later, erg so lamè.

If you don't want to watch their careers go down the toilet. Recommend skip this one out.

This film is so far from Irish gangster it's laughable. They don't even mention the IRA.

Reviewed by chrisw-17947 2 / 10

Tries too hard to be serious

This was one of the dumbest crime movies I had ever watched. The storyline adds so many elements to make it look like a badass crime film but it just makes the whole movie incomprehensible. Everything that happens in this makes no sense and wouldn't even happen in reality. All the characters are vacuously written and they act very hard-core (but for no reason at all). I'm only giving this a soft 2/10 because Elizabeth Moss was the only person in this that actually had vulnerability and made the movie slightly better.

Reviewed by dar0417 5 / 10

Just wasn't interesting

I get it women can make a living also but the acting and story was just not good enough to keep this one going.

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