The Lady


Biography / Drama / History / Romance

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Benedict Wong as Karma
Michelle Yeoh as Aung San Suu Kyi
David Thewlis as Michael Aris
Anton Lesser as Professor Finnis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kongjr 9 / 10

Spine-tingling joy to watch this movie!

Ang Sang Suu Kyi is one of my most favorite political figures (I'm probably not alone on it), I hesitated whether I should go and see this movie, fearing it may not match my impression of Daw Ang Sang gathered from previous news footages and biography.

It was amazing to see Michelle Yeoh as Ang Sang Suu Kyi, the act was elegantly presented, the way how Michelle put her hand on the waist while walking gracefully, reminded me so much of the Lady, everything comes natural, nothing pretentious, it's a joy to see such a great act with simple body language, it even sent me a sort of spine-tingling joy when she walked on the stage to give her first public speech at Shwe Dagon People Forum.

I think Michelle did not disappoint the Lady and the people of Myanmar.

The storyline may be oversimplified but I would still rate this movie with 9, it's hard to present the whole struggle of Daw Ang Sang in a short time, but I guess most people who go and watch this movie should already have some background of what happened in real life.

I've seen the Lady in Hong Kong and found it one of the best movies of its kind.

Reviewed by colin-289-12635 9 / 10

Elegant story-telling, powerful film

I have to say I didn't find any wrong notes in this film at all. Performances were excellent and the way the writer pulled out the key events was deft. Crucially, the writer doesn't spoon feed you with every emotion, every key thought or motivation. The audience has to think and imagine. How would it feel to lose your father at a young age? How would it feel to build a life away from your own country and then return there to find it in turmoil? How would you respond to being asked to lead a protest to save your country, knowing the personal sacrifice that will involve? Superb drama about a real and tragic story that continues to play out.

Reviewed by djp-omahony 10 / 10

If you only watch one film this year, ensure its "The Lady"

Whilst the film-making was not the best ever, it was MORE than good enough to convey to the viewer the awe-inspiring bravery, decency and humanity of Aung San Suu Kyi, her family and many supporters who suffered so much - including death.

It was a heavy, profound watch.... if you don't tear-up at at least a couple of points on this one, you are made of steel!

I disagree with another reviewer that the portrayal of the evil military mis-ruler was overdone and bordering on ridicule. I live in S.E. Asia, and i have observed those in uniforms and in possession of power, believe me it was spot-on. And lets face it, they were absolutely evil.

The parallels with Richard Attenborough's "Gandhi" are definitely apparent, and the biggest surprise is how good Michelle Yeo is in the role! Enjoy.

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