The Lady Takes a Sailor


Comedy / Romance

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Tom Tully as Henry Duckworth
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Jane Wyman as Jennifer Smith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by theowinthrop 6 / 10

Minor film comedy - but the first to tackle "misinformation"

I saw this about thirty years ago, late at night and have never seen it revived. This is understandable, for despite a good cast and director (Michael Curtiz, of all people)it is not a great comedy but a passingly acceptable one.

Jane Wyman is a woman whose reputation for honesty is important regarding her job on a magazine that is run by Robert Douglas (here not playing one of his politically ambitious historical villains for a change). She is enjoying a day on a boat when she is sunk by an experimental craft being tested by Dennis Morgan. Morgan tries to keep her from exposing this little secret, but she does not see that a government project is involved - only her credibility. So Morgan and the U.S. government do everything they can think of to get her branded a liar. And Wyman fights back to save her reputation.

One highpoint (noted in another of these reviews) is the brief appearance of William Frawley to present an award to Wyman. She expects it to be in recognition of her magazine work. Instead, it turns out to be an award from "THE LIAR'S CLUB" for best lie of the year.

The film's weakness is that it probes a subject gingerly - probably because it was the first time anyone ever considered it. The subject is government use of "misinformation" to hide activity that it does not wish to advertise at all. In the years since 1949 we are fully aware that all levels of government use misinformation - that they deny events happened or brand witnesses as liars, or frame the witnesses with evidence or other unknown/unexpected witnesses. But here it was limited to Wyman who fights without an assist by her magazine, and Morgan, who does what he can to discredit her, but finds he is falling in love with her.

As an original in tackling this government vice, I mark that the movie is a "6" for being original. But on it's own, based on comic entertainment value, it is lucky to be a "5".

Reviewed by 16mmRay 6 / 10

Max takes top honors for this one!

Okay, it's forgettable fluff but Curtiz at least gives it some pep. Best of the whole magilla is Max Steiner's score. Worst of all is Robert Douglas. What in heaven's name was Warners thinking by casting him in a knockabout farce. He just sinks the whole ship. They were trying to build him up (he played another incongruous role in THE DECISION OF CHRISTOPHER BLAKE) but this was a misstep. He faired MUCH better in ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN and THE FOUNTAINHEAD. They really needed a blowhard comedian (Raymond Walburn, Thurston Hall). Come to think of it, studio regular Sydney Greenstreet would have been perfect. Hmmm... I wonder if Douglas was a substitute. Watson - The Memmos!!

The David Butler unit was doing much better comedies at Warners during this period. But, still, it's worth one look (and listen).

Reviewed by jdsuggs 4 / 10

Sorry, Lady

Romantic comedies usually involve two characters in conflict. To make it work, for starters, they need to be likable, somewhat evenly matched, and in a fun and funny situation. That's why "The Lady Takes A Sailor" doesn't work.

Jane Wyman and Dennis Morgan are in an interesting (not fun or funny) situation: her career and personal reputation- like Aimee Semple McPherson's, a few years earlier- hinge on proving the truth of a wild story behind her brief disappearance, while Morgan's career depends on keeping that truth a military secret. Since Jane is clearly the wronged party- she's shipwrecked, kidnapped, drugged, mocked, and lied to by Morgan- we're rooting for her, but amid mixed messages that she should sacrifice everything for an ungrateful military.

Wyman and Morgan are not equally matched. There's no cleverness (or fun) in their conflict, just a lot of confrontation, in which he effortlessly bullies, stalks, and taunts her. She's a helpless victim and he's basically a cad and a thug.

Morgan's character is therefore totally unlikable, and the idea that he might win this fight, much less get the girl, clouds any fun that this film has to offer. With all that, it hardly matters that the film is completely unfunny, or that the message is (once again) that women don't really need careers when a man- (even a repellent one!)- comes along.

Incidentally, nothing against Wyman, Morgan, director Michael Curtiz, or Eve Arden, who all had fine careers and did excellent work elsewhere.

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