The Last Exorcism


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 72%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 47188


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Caleb Landry Jones as Caleb Sweetzer
Patrick Fabian as Cotton Marcus
Ashley Bell as Nell Sweetzer
Iris Bahr as Iris Reisen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by djnieme 8 / 10

I'm pretty critical with "horror" films....this really wasn't so bad.

Wow, lots of negative reviews, but as critical as I can be, I really found this film kind of compelling and scary. Crazy, weird scary....information and details that you don't expect. I didn't really think the acting would be all that good at first...but it's all pretty masterful by most of the cast ...the ending is pretty realistic as well in a brutally scary way.

I can become persuaded by negative reviews but I couldn't sleep and had to finish watching this on Epix. Overall, I'd say it's worth watching! The physical acting (as demonic) is pretty compelling too. Now I need go to sleep with the TV on. I guess the nay sayers really wanted more 'blood, guts, screams" but this production didn't need it. The ending was a little predictable tbh.

Reviewed by Andy Van Scoyoc 3 / 10

What did I just watch?

I had such high hopes for this movie...and no...I wasn't expecting horror; at all.

What I was expecting, was something grand...and what I got was disdainfully disappointing.

The movie started out, bland, but good and I was thinking, okay...this charlatan is going to pull one too many frauds and get what's coming to him. He'll get a real possessed person, the demons will give him more than he bargained for, and I'll laugh, hysterically, because TV evangelists and fake preachers just out for money (which is far too many) are depraved.

What I got was a fairly decent movie, with a ridiculous ending.

I went from being hopeful at some scum getting his butt supernaturally a bunch of people, lead by some old coot, playing dress up.

Robes? Really? If I came upon a scene like that, first thing I'd do is make sure it's not Halloween, second, make sure it's not a movie set and...finally...if both of those scenarios weren't the case, I'd laugh... hysterically.

Robes and all that junk are nothing but pomp and show, and no one serious, is going to play dress up dressed like Merlin and his magical court.


Reviewed by Filipe Neto 6 / 10

Courageous and a bit cynical, it's intense and has some quality.

In this film, an evangelical pastor performs his last exorcism, after a lifetime of lies in which he made false exorcisms and cures to make money. What Cotton Marcus did not expect is that his last exorcism was, in fact, the only one who would face a real evil that he did not even believe in. From the beginning, the film makes clear that we are seeing a mockumentary, unfinished and with false image editing in the style of "found footage" movies so, when you see the camera shaking this is purposeful. The film also makes great criticisms of evangelical churches, having the courage to say something we all know but rarely can we say out loud: many churches (not just evangelicals) exist only because of the money, transforming themselves into industries of fraud and extortion who treat God as if He were a lawyer or doctor with an office, where He only attends on prepayment. On the other hand, many people with psychological problems or health disorders believe they are possessed or threatened by demons without this really being their problem. Based on these premises, the film shows how a false exorcist deals with a case of true possession, for which he is not minimally prepared because of his lack of faith and opportunism. Although the film is slow at first, this delay is necessary to explain the whole context of what is going to happen next, and for the audience to be stuck with the two central characters. The exorcism was intense and realistic, much closer to a true exorcism than most horror films that approached the subject. The open ending is purposeful, adapting to the film's style and leaving room for the sequel that was made, years later. However, it can leave many people disappointed because it's not very plausible in the way it ends. Patrick Fabian did very well in the role of Pastor Marcus, being perfectly capable of showing his inner conflict, his doubts and his utter unpreparedness to deal with Nell, the possessed young woman, played by Ashley Bell. Young but promising, she was both loving and adorable and perfectly terrifying, when possessed. In short, this is not a perfect movie and is far from having an exceptional quality, but it was a good effort, has merit and courage. It's worth watching.

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